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Tales of two funny ritualist - Season 1 - Episode 32
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5 years later.

We were known through out Nigeria. We were counted as the youngest millionaire in Nigeria. We owned fleet of cars, houses spread over the country and companies too.

Our parents weren’t left out of these too, we build mansions for them in the village and provide for them in abundance.

Things were going smoothly for us. Dencygirl was living with me in my mansion and I showered her with money.

Flex took in one of his cousin. Her name was Ella. He decided to be training her school in while she stayed with him.

Through out the five years of staying with Dency, I didn’t touch her sometimes she will think I am impotent, other times she will think I didn’t love her but if only she knew.

When times like that arises, when she is on heat and I turned her down, for her own safety. She gets angry and said I didn’t love her but then, I gave her my normal line “common my love, you of all people knows that I hate s-x before marriage”

The sound of marriage was enough to brainwash her and we did end up making love to each other.

For five years everything was peaceful, as for baba, we gave him two cows and goats every month each, just to please him.

We thought everything was going fine, until this blessed day.
It was due time for us to renew the charm. We had passed through brothel upon brothel but didn’t see any prostitute to sacrifice.

At first we thought it normal but then, at the second week of the third month. We searched through the whole city of port Harcourt and her neighbouring state but found nothing. Then we became alert and scared.

We came back from one of our unsuccessful trips and we parted ways. On getting home, I received the shocker of my life.

The red flame I was supposed to see on the head of the chosen prostitute was on the head of dencygirl, Jesus Christ.

Dency: welcome back sweetie.
She greeted innocently but got no reply from me.

Dency: I hope everything is fine, this one you are starring at me like this. Is their any problem.

Me: erm.. No… Yes… No.

I stammered in confusion. Surely I an seeing things. This must surely be the work of my imagination. There’s surely something wrong with me, or maybe all I need now is a good sleep.

Me: excuse me sweetheart, I think I have a terrible headache right now.

Dency: please let’s visit the doctor.

Me: there’s no need for that. All I need right now is a quality sleep. There’s something definitely wrong with me.

Dency: something wrong with you?

Me: kindly excuse me please.

I said as I ran inside the room me and Dencygirl but shared, I didn’t bother taking off my shoes, I just jumped on the bed and dozed off.
Donflex came out from his SUV car and walked to the main house as the gateman closed the gate from behind.

He was worried, what is wrong with baba charm. He had searched everywhere for the prostitute they needed but found none.
Just then, he saw what made him almost passes out as his cousin sister Ella came running towards him.

Donflex: Jesus Christ!!!!

He shouted in horror, the red flame was above his cousin’s head. He couldn’t believe this.

No, this is surely a pure work of his imagination.

Ella: brother what is wrong?
She asked, oblivious to her surrounding and exposure to danger.

Donflex: Jesus Christ!!!!!

He shouted again.

Ella: brother what is wrong now.
She asked again, fully concerned.

Donflex didn’t bother to answer her, he just entered his car and drove off with speed.
yes, this terrible dream must be over by now..

I thought as I stood up from the bed with a smiling face.

Dency: sweetheart your friend is looking for you.

Dencygirl shouted from the kitchen. I tiptoed to the kitchen and peeped at her, yes I am right.

The red flame wasn’t there again, I had been day dreaming all this while.

I wanted to turn back and head to the sitting room when something magnificent happened.

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