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Temilade - Season 2 - Episode 2
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“The difference between school and life: in school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson”.
And that’s basic philosophy of life.

The following day, I introduced myself to Adejoke in other to make friend with her because I do isolate myself from her before. She asked about my offence which I explained to her. One thing led to other, since that day we became a inseparable friend and fond of ourselves. I was inside cell thinking of what I caused for myself when I heard my name. I ran to cell gate to signify that I’m the one.

The wardress told me I had visitor.

When I got there it was my mum and Clarion.

I was like disappear when I looked directly to my mum’s eye. I saw disappointment written all over her face, I burried my head in shame and before I knew it, uncontrollable tears was flowing down ……………..


speechless as I could not look her in eye-to-eye.

Mum: Temilade!!

can’t still answer her.

Temilade, raise your
head up this is not the time for this; after all the deed has already been done.

stop this! you know your mum condition.

I raised my head up with eye of prodigal son who came back to his father.

when would you regain your freedom now abi you will be here for life?

(cut in) very soon ma.

I shook my head in affirmation of what she said.

what about my younger ones?

they are all fine and eagered to see you.

Clarion: this is what we brought for you. Make sure you take the drugs inside and don’t be too depressed.

Me: thank so much!

Mum: hope they are not beating you?

no ma.

are you praying?

yes ma.

I asked about my account from Clarion and she said Bukky had retrieved it back after the judgment. I was bit hopeful when I heard this.

Thirty minutes later they left as stipulated time lapsed. A wardress returned me back to cell.


One day, Adejoke fell down while washing our clothes. We rushed her to heath centre. After the test, Doctor said she is suffering from anaemia. Merely looking at her from head to toes one can frankly say it because she looked very pale. I pleaded to stay with her. She regained her strength in three days later the transfussion and was
discharged. I gave her part of the medicine they brought for me. On wednesday which was our open up day. We walked to a very shady tree because I told her I want to know more about her father. She said, my father is very wealthy and nice. He was the one taking care of me since my mum demise. He showed me love and care which a child deserved from her parent. I don’t know any of his relative nor that of my mother.

When I grew up I asked about his family which he said they are living in the village that we would pay them visit soon. Days goes to weeks, weeks to months no appointed day for the visitation.

I expressed my dissatisfaction over it but he later urged me to be patience. I equally asked him about my mum relatives alas I was surprised with his reply.

“I don’t know any of her relative”
He said.

How do you mean sir?

He continues, I really tried then by pressurized her to take me to her family but she do gives one excuse or the other till death separated us.
Me: Can you describe your father house, his address and

She told me his name and address.

Wait a minute, could it be the person I’m thinking?

Adejoke: Who?

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