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Temilade - Season 2 - Episode 4
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I screamed, lamented with no body to help. I tried John’s number but was switched off. I pinged him no reply. I later alerted security agency about the incident. About 2hrs later
they came with ambulance. Every workers in our house was arrested that night except me. Very early the following day I went down to John house to give him both good
and bad news. When I got to his door, I heard him arguing on top of his voice with some boys that he hasn’t give them order to kill him. I was frightened for that word. Did
john killed my father? No! What could be my father offence?? A thought came to my heart that I should just dash in to show them that their secret has been exposed. But another thought said I should run for my dear life. I quickly took my leave before they detect me since I parked my car few meters to his gate. Before I reached home police have came to carry out investigation on the crime scene. I went to police station to know how far. They’ve brutally tortured our gate man and gurd to the fullest. They asked me if chief had a quarrel with anybody which I said no. Other qusetions was asked which I answered skipping all John’s aspect.

When I came back from police station, I was tormented with my conscience that maybe I should inform police to arrest John as prime suspect.

But I later gave it a second thought that if John is eventually find guilty, that means I would loss him as well.

NO! I can’t destroy the house I have been building over 6yrs. After several consolation from friends and associates I resumed back to office. A week later John came to meet me at work pleading that he was rubbed after leaving our house that very day. I shook my head with total disbelieves.

He was shocked when I explained how I came to his house to him. He prostrated crying that his friend took decision out of his conscent. How do you got to know those rascals in the first place? I asked. I was rescued by them from a robbery incident then in school before I was initiated into their group. Are you a cultist? No! Then who are those boys? Please let’s forget about that. Hmmm!

You use your parochial interest to kill my father. You are wicked John! I walked him out of my office that day.

After several days of pleas, I forgave him.

Not only that, I made him the manager of one of my dad companies. Three months later we did an elaborate wedding. After fourteen months of marriage, I was unable to conceive. My husband started keeping late night. If I asked why?

He complained about traffics. Men with their lies!

I forgot a file at home one day. I took bike to make it snappy.

On getting inside I caught my husband and my best friend on our matrimonial bed. Had I know, I would have divorce him then. He pleaded that he won’t do it again.

Not quite long that my husband
brought the same lady to me that she’s carrying his baby. I received the lady with joy.
At middle of night I was terrified with thought of
being cheated which made me stabbed him to death.

Hmmm! Without knowing that I was equally had a 7weeks pregnancy.

I was charged to court which led
me to life imprisonment.

Adejoke: (look regretful) I’m
very sorry ma.

Me: so pathetic! Men are heartless infact most of them are animals they did not deserve to live in the
midst of humanbeing.

where is that your baby?

he was in Orphanage home.

is Banga your real name?

no, I’m Maryam by name.

why are they calling you Banga?

that was name given to me by fellow inmates.

Adejoke: how old is your son now?

15 years.

you’ve spent almost sixteen years here?

Banga: yes.

as he visit you before?


but why?

Banga: I don’t want him to know since he will eventually ask why I’m in prison.

you have your point.

who is handling
your father property now?

my lawyer.

Me: as from today we will be calling you by your real name ma.

yes, finding yourself in prison does not mean your integrity and honour is gone.

besides I want you to stop smoking and all sort of hooligance character you imbibed.

I wil……… Before she could reply she fell down coughing with blood coming out of his mouth. We shouted HELP! HELP!! WARDERESS!!!

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