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Temilade - Season 2 - Episode 5
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I wonder why people smoke when its emphatically written that “smokers are liable to die young”. Albeit, ones food is anothers poison nevertheless our health superceed all other things.

Her condition was too critical for them to handle in the prison hospital. Fifteeb minutes later, an ambulance
took her to a hospital out of prison. She spent two months before she was returned.
She had tuberculosis coupled with cancer. Thus we became G3 among the inmates, though Maryam is older thanme and Adejoke.

When ever maryam lawyer comes to visit her, all of us do go together.

I was lying down in the cell one day, when an inmate started touching my body.

When I raised my head up she said she loves me that she would like to be my husband. What! Ahudubilahi
mina saytoni rojim(I seek refuge in Allah from anchor of devil), I was like tearing her into pieces. I have heard series of rumors about her being l£sb!an with several rape case. I reported her to the provost of the cell and she was punished according to their law. With my experience in Prison is a place of re-branding pending on individual choices. A robber can later becomes a good citizen while an innocent can later becomes the most wanted criminal.
It was 1st day of the year, we were offering thanksgiving to God for sparing our lives to new year, When a wardress with a mopol came to our cell. They called out 5 amongst the inmates which G3 included.

They took us out of cell to a field. When we got there, I

discovered that it was Chief judge of the state that want to see us.

He asked about our files, after series of checking and signing which took approximatelty fourty five minutes. Thirty inmates was set free including Maryam, Adejoke and myself.

At last Temilade is out of prison glory be to God in the highest, I prostrated thrice for God. Maryam called her lawyer who came to pick us after about thirty minutes. We drove to Maryam father’s mansion
infact nothing like freedom. I got to know drinking garri in ones freedom is better than eating turkey in captivity. We slept like never before in our lives.

The following week Adejoke, Maryam and her lawyer went to prison to collect birth certificate of their sons. Three days later, lawyer handed over all her documents back to her for proper maintenance.

I was made the General manager of her company and Adejoke as a supervisor of all the companies.

Maryam was really our appointed benefactor, she obtained visa for Itan and her son Ayomide to complete their education abroad. She travelled to U.S.A for medical attention three months later. We were left in Nigeria to take care of her companies.

When we came back from work one faithful day I called Adejoke to living room………. ..

don’t you think of looking after your dad?

Joke: yea, I have been thinking on how to get him.

Me: if you get him eventually, what would you do?

Adejoke: I just want him to know I’m still alive.

Me: ok. That’s a good thought.

what do you think?

let just pray to God to direct us on what to do.

Adejoke: amen o. What is
Dupe cooking?

Me: I don’t know.


yes ma.

Adejoke: what are you cooking?

fried rice.

please be quick.

yes ma.

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