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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 101
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“Get your fat a-s off me and clear up that mess,”
Violet groans, playfully swatting me with her hand.

I clamber off her, sticking my tongue out. “What a pair we are,” I joke, “Two tiny fish in two big ponds.”

“Got that right.”


I stare through the window, scowling at the curtains of the opposite sill. He hasn’t opened those curtains for a freaking week! I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.

I turn my glare to my laptop again. I should be doing my homework, but I can’t seem to concentrate on anything else but Alec freaking Ryder. Why does he have to be
such a jerk? And why do I have to like him? He’s bad for me, I know that. Is he expecting me just to go along with him treating me like s--t? To act like I’m lucky to have
hung out with him for a limited period of time? He’s got to frigging think again if he does.

“Riley, can I ask you something?”
My mom asks, walking into my room.

There’s something called knocking these
days. I swear no-one seems to know the meaning of that word anymore.

“What’s up mom?” I sigh, spinning around in my desk chair.

She perches on the end of the bed, offering me a small smile.

Uh oh, what’s she done? She’s trying to
warm up to me, I know that smile.

“I have a dinner coming up with some founders of the surgery.

It’s a scheme to relationships down at the
surgery, and try and persuade our founders them into paying into the expansion of the building.

It allows the founders to ask any questions about the expansion in a relaxed and comfortable setting, before we move onto
the presentation.”
She says, “I would appreciate it if you would be there with me. The organisers thought it would be a good idea if it was a family thing, so Jack will be
coming too, alongside some other children.

They’ll be hanging out in the kids area, but obviously you’ll be staying with the adults.”

I say, “So you want me to come to another work dinner with you? That’s fine mom.”

“But it’s not just a work dinner,”
She explains, “This is an upper class dinner held at a country club. We need to get
this money, or there will be no expansion. We’ll have to get you a decent dress, and you’ll need to be polite. Also,
you’ll need a date because there will be dancing.”
Her eyes are wide and pleading with me, “Please Riley. I really
need you to come.”

“A date?”
I echo, “Can’t I just bring Violet? I haven’t got anyone else to go with.”

“Well, I’ve been speaking with Marie and-“

“Please say you didn’t.”

“Nothing’s finalised,”
She reassures me, smiling slightly.

“But Marie is going to be there too, and Alec will be required to attend. Millie might be a bit too young though.

We just thought it was easier if you two went together, rather than having two different dates, per say.

Plus, you two are close and we know that we can rely on you both to be sensible and act polite to our guests.”
Alec? Sensible? I’d pay to see that. “We haven’t asked Alec yet; we wanted to get some confirmation off you first.

Would you be okay with that?”

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