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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 104
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“You kissed Riley?”
Chase turns to Dylan, and Joe’s jaw
drops at the news. Wow, this is like a freaking soap opera.

Dylan shifts uncomfortably under all of the
accusing gazes, staring at his converse clad feet to avoid staring any of us in the eyes. “Yeah, I kissed her,” He
admits reluctantly, “Not like she kissed me back anyway.

She doesn’t like me like that. I’m sorry dude,”
He scratches the back of his neck awkwardly as he looks up at me;

“It was an experiment. I have a small crush on her…I just wanted to see, I guess.”

“Low move bro,”
I mutter, shaking my head. “But… whatever. It’s in the past. Gotta move on.” Chase raises
his eyebrows at me and wipes a fake tear from his eye, as though he’s impressed, and I scowl. What? I can be a good person you know. If Riley was here, she’d scoff at
that statement in the most unlady-like way possible but I need to get Riley out of my head.Jeez, one week after I realise I had a crush on her I’ve turned into an effing
clingy douche.

This girl is messing with my head, and she
isn’t even trying to.

Chase wriggles his eyebrows at me, sliding onto the couch “Riley Greene, eh? Good catch there mate.” I
roll my eyes at him.

Now that I’ve told him, I’ll never hear
the end of this, I can just tell. Chase is just that kind of guy.

I’m not going to m0an about how she doesn’t like me: guys just don’t talk about stuff like that, despite

Chase’s probing. I’m just going to nod my head until the whole subject blows over, because I really don’t feel
comfortable professing my crush on Riley and going into all the gory details. Definitely not. That would just be

“Yup, and I would appreciate it if you guys would stop talking about her,” I mutter lowly, glaring at my hands.

“Can’t you see I’m trying to get over her here? It’s not like I want to have a crush on her: she thinks I’m a douche

“That’s why you’re ignoring her?!”
Joe asks me incredulously, “Dude. There’s no chance she’ll like you
back if you act like she doesn’t exist! You’re being a jerk- go and speak to her!”
Oh like he’s such a love expert.

“Joe’s right for the first time ever,” Chase nods his head,

“Do you not want to date her or something? I mean, I’m no sap, but you guys are effing made for each other.

You’re giving up all of your hope by ignoring her: she’ll never like you if you carry on like this.”
Chase shakes his head thoughtfully, “Plus isn’t that Toby guy her ex? What
if he wants some more of her?”
My fists tighten at the thought. I know what that pr*ck did to her.

She can do way better than him.

Why does Riley make everything so frigging confusing? I groan and cover my eyes as I sink back into the couch.

Even my friends think I’m doing the wrong thing.

She thinks I’m a jerk, but we have moments where it’s kind of like we’re friends. We’ve got kind of a love-hate
relationship going on, only replace the ‘love’ part with
‘can just about stand each other’.

The thing is, if I carry on ignoring her, I’m going to lose that part completely
and we’ll just carry on like we never met.

Like I never stole her bra, and she never broke into my bedroom, and all that other s--t that’s happened since then. It will be
sad to lose that.

But you can get over her if you continue,
Alec. You can carry on living your bad boy bachelor days.

But eventually, even bad boys need to settle down a little bit.

“I hate you guys,” I chuckle darkly, removing my hands from my eyes and standing up. “Quit messing with my
head, would you? I’ve got enough shiz stirring up here to last a lifetime, I don’t need any more.”
I sigh, “I’m going
to go and talk to Riley. See if I can at least make up for some of my a-----e qualities.”
I grab my hoodie, slide my phone into my pocket and head towards the stairs leading up from Dylan’s basement, ignoring the knowing
expressions burning holes into my back.

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