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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 107
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“Oh hey Riley. Meet Martin. Martin this is Riley.”
She looks up at the swollen-lipped nerdy parasite with gooey eyes and I have to fight the urge to gag.

Oh this is disgusting.

I never thought Violet would be one for public displays of affection, but hey, she’s already leaning in to kiss him again.

Way to make me feel like a third wheel. I clear my throat loudly as I sit down, but the couple ignore me as they continue to feed off each other’s faces. Violet’s hands
run through his hair, and their faces are pressed so tightly together that his glasses have twisted awkwardly across his cheekbones. Fun lunchtime for me then. I
mutter profanities under my breath, taking my orange juice bottle and gulping down some of the liquid as I glance around the cafeteria awkwardly.

I don’t know where to look.

If I look at them for two long, I’ll just be
that awkward creep that won’t stop staring. Not to mention that it’ll put me off my food.

“You look lonely,” Joe’s voice laughs from nearby, and I spin around- grateful for the distraction. Chase and Dylan trail behind Joe and Alec, and I watch as they all focus on
my situation, laughs escaping their perfectly sculptured lips.

I’m surprised these guys don’t model for Calvin Klein or something. It almost hurts my eyes to have that much perfect all in one place.

“Poor Riley,”
Alec snorts, “She’s not getting any action.”

I shoot him an icy glare which just makes him laugh more.

Joe slides into the seat beside me, and I turn to
him surprised. Well at least I won’t look like a loner anymore.

Chase sits opposite me, next to Geek guy, and
Alec slides in on my other side, whilst Dylan drags up a chair.

Almost immediately, I can feel the whole of the
student body zone onto us. Ah. The downsides of sitting with the most popular guys in school. I can see girls whispering, and guys pointing inconspicuously and I feel more and more uncomfortable by the second.

Meanwhile, the boys laugh with each other completely obliviously.

How do they not notice? Maybe they’ve
gotten used to it? I wrinkle my nose thoughtfully. I don’t think I could ever get used to it, personally.

“Er, hi,” Chase says awkwardly to the happy couple, his nose wrinkled and hand waving to try and get their attention.

Violet pulls back instantly, her face flushing red
as her and Martin shuffle away from each other
awkwardly. She shoots me a look, but I just shrug.

What? I wasn’t going to stop them from sitting here. It’s not my fault if she was too busy playing tonsil tennis with her nerdy boyfriend.

“Hi, I’m Violet,” She introduces herself to the boys, not shy at all like I would be. “Riley’s punky and all round
amazing best friend. Nice to meet you.”
How she does that astounds me…I would be terrified. I watch the boys’
reactions closely, and they seem a little awkward and intimidated by her appearance. To be honest, she terrified me too when I first met her.

That thick kohl eyeliner and newly dyed red spiky hair is enough to cause anyone to
take a second look. I think that’s what she’s aiming for though: she’s bold and she has enough confidence to be like that, whereas I really don’t. Without the makeup,
she’s practically an alien to me now.

“Hi,” Joe smiles a little awkwardly, “Dylan and I have seen you before, yeah? The angry chick by Riley’s locker.” I
chuckle at the way he explains it, remembering the memory fondly. I hadn’t told Violet about the bra incident, and she was angry at me, pestering me to tell her.

Joe and Dylan had been stood watching us so
awkwardly. It’s funny to me now, although at the time I was just plain scared that she was going to boil my insides.

She would’ve done that, if I hadn’t have gone into such detail of the story in math. Good times, good times.

“That’s me,” She laughs, “The crazy chick.” Dylan cracks a smile at this, although Chase and Alec are exchanging
strange glances. I forgot that they weren’t there.

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