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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 108
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“So Martin,”
I say, winking at Violet.

“How long have you
liked my best friend?”

“Um, I think I’m going to go,”
Martin flushes red, standing up from the table and escaping as quickly as possible, barely pausing to even say goodbye to Violet,
despite the face-feasting session they had previously shared. Violet groans as he darts away, turning to me with an accusing glare. “You scared him off Riley!”

“Really? I was pretty sure it was Alec’s face that scared him off,”
I roll my eyes at the grinning boy beside me, turning back to Violet.

“But then again, it could have been

“Is he not adorable though?”

I’m about to reply with another snarky comment, but Dylan cuts me off with a chuckle. “I have the feeling we’re
interrupting girl talk, guys. I kind of want to hear the gossip though.”

“Yeah, tell us the gossip babes,”
Joe leans in eagerly, teasing us, and I swat him playfully.

Feeling my eyes on my back, I freeze before turning around to survey the scene.

Toby walks past us a few
metres behind, and his eyes are locked onto mine.

Not this again. Why will he not leave me alone? Have I not made it absolutely crystal clear that I want nothing to do with him?! Alec stiffens beside me, so I’m guessing he’s
seen too, and then he slowly slings an arm around my shoulder which makes Toby’s eyes narrow. Uh oh, not
another dominance fight. I turn back to face the table, glad to see that Violet and the boys are too busy disputing Werewolves vs Vampires to notice the focus of

Alec and I’s attention.

How did they change subject so
quickly? After a second, Alec turns back to face the front as well, although his demeanour has definitely changed.

His arms slides slowly from my shoulders, and I miss the warm buzz of comfort that it brought.

“Are you kidding me? Werewolves are so much better!”

Violet argues, “I mean take Edward Cullen as an example.

He sparkles. That’s hardly big-bad vampire material is it?

That dude has ruined the reputation of vampires.

Werewolves are so much hotter, plus the whole full moon thing just makes them so much cooler too.”
I agree. I mean, have these guys not seen the Teen Wolf
actors? Drool.

“What about Dracula?”
Dylan retorts, shaking his head.

“Dracula is a legend, one of the classics.

You don’t see any classic werewolf stories do you? Vampires have been around so much longer.”

Chase argues, “Vampires are old man.

Werewolves are fresh.”
He slaps the table to emphasise his point, as though he’s just ended the debate, which
makes me laugh.

“Excuse me,” A voice interrupts our debate, and I look to the side to see a pretty brunette girl stood there, hand on
her hip and flanked by a petite blonde.

The brunette wears a pair of incredibly skinny jeans and a short top, revealing her belly.

Not one of Tiana’s minions, I don’t
think, but almost at that level. “Hi,” She smiles at Alec, fluttering her thickly mascaraed eyelashes, “I just wanted
to give you my number, because you seem like a really nice guy.”

What? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

No way does she want to give Alec her number because he looks like a nice guy.

She pauses to flick her hair behind her
shoulder, leaning in towards him seductively. “I’m free tonight if you want to come around…?” She murmurs quietly. I snort quietly to restrain my sarcastic remark.

I’m sorry, but just how obvious can you get? We all know what she said, judging by Joe’s eye roll and Chase’s irritated sigh. He must get this a lot.

Why do I feel a twinge of jealousy when I think that?

“Er no thanks,” Alec coughs, blushing a little, and I think we all turn to stop and stare. Alec Ryder is denying a hook up?What the hell is up with him?!

“Your loss,”
The girl leans back, her flirty aura turning cold and angry as she flounces away with the blonde girl
in tow. Meanwhile, I’m still choking on my saliva from what Alec said. Is he serious? He’s probably already got a
hook up booked- that’s got to be it, right?

“I’m sorry but did I just hear that right?”
Joe questions him, mouth agape, “You’re denying a hook up?” Well at
least I know I wasn’t imagining things now, and that Alec actually did just deny a hot girl.

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