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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 112
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I chuckle bitterly. “Now he’s back, and
after nine months of me, mum and
Jack trying to avoid the topic because
it hurts so much less, he’s brought all
those memories back.

He wants another chance,”
I mutter,

“But he should’ve chosen her.”

He should’ve chosen her.

“I…I don’t know what to say,”
says quietly, “Thank you for telling
me…And Riley? I’m so sorry about your
sister, and Toby. Those are things that
a sixteen year old girl should never
have to go through. You’ve probably
heard this a million times…But I’m glad
you opened up to me. S--t, I sU-Ck at
long speeches,”
He chuckles dryly,

“Just…hang on. We’ll keep you away
from Toby. Kaitlin died happily, and
she loved you. Don’t ever feel guilty
about Toby. That’s his problem, not

“Thankyou for listening,”
I reply
quietly, chuckling slightly. “Sorry for
getting tears on your shirt. It was a
good job I’m not wearing mascara,
isn’t it?”
My dull attempt of humour
sU-Cks, but Alec feigns a laugh anyway.

It was good that I got that off my
chest. I feel…relieved? No, that’s not
the word. I don’t know how to
describe it, but it’s just lighter. I’d had
that holed up in my chest for a very
long time and trusting somebody like
that makes me feel loved. I knew Alec
wouldn’t be a jerk about it, I never
even thought for a second that he
would, but seeing his reactions to my

heartfelt confessions just proves it
even more. There’s something inside
Alec Ryder…a warmth, below the shell
of cocky bad boy, that’s slowly coming
out. Alec’s changing as I get to know
him better, and slowly I’m getting to
see more and more of the sweetheart
coming out, not the bad boy.

And so far? I like what I see.


“What have you got first?”
I ask Alec
conversationally as we walk into
school together, clutching my folder to
my chest. My hair is thrown up into a
braided bun, and a few loose strands
tickle my ear playfully. I know what
you’re thinking. Since when do I make
an effort? Well the simple answer to
that would be that my mom did it, and
I thought it looked nice. Well that was
until she made a silly remark about me
trying to impress Alec, that is. No girly
gossip time for her this evening,
patronising son of a barnacle.

“I have media,”
Alec replies smoothly,
adjusting his back pack. A beanie rests
on his curls, and honestly? This boy is
like the freaking surface of the sun hot
wearing that thing. It’s making it very
hard to concentrate. I love guys in
beanies. I nod my head, humming a
little under my breath as the we join
the crowd entering the front doors.

I got a ride in with Alec today, but I had
the common sense not to question
him this time. If he doesn’t mind
embarrassing his reputation for me,
then I’m going to take full advantage
of that fact. I breathe a sigh of relief as
we escape the crowd, and
automatically we begin heading to my
locker. I think I spend too much time
with this guy- he seems to know my
daily schedule better than I do. I didn’t
even realise he knew where my locker

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