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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 114
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“Tut tut, I’d have thought you knew how to throw a better punch than that pretty boy,”
Alec grins, winking at me out of the corner of his eye. At this point, despite my
previous worries about whether he’ll be okay or not, I come to realise that Alec can handle himself incredibly well on the battlefield and I should quit acting like the
worried mother, and start acting more like the damsel in distress that Alec wants me to be. My smile spreads from ear to ear, appreciating Alec’s warped form of kindness, and the only thing that’s worrying me is that I hope Alec
doesn’t mess Toby’s face up too badly. Yeah, he may be
a jerk, but we were best friends and I don’t want him to die or anything.

After a minute more of taunting and dodging, Toby finally manages to land a weak punch to Alec’s jaw.

It’s hard enough to leave a bruise, but I think everybody knows that Alec has got away lightly with this.

Alec beams at Toby before he finally goes for the punch that everyone has been waiting for. He lands a perfectly square, lightning fast hit to Toby’s jaw and an audible
wince spreads through the crowd at the impact.

Toby drops to the floor, and Alec smirks victoriously. “You made the hit first dude, which means that the school
can’t suspend me. My punch was self-defence.”

I seriously want to kiss him right now.
I rush up to him and attack him into a hug, feeling his arms wrap around my back as I cheer loudly. “Dude,” I

grin, “I’m not usually one for playing damsel in distress, but that was awesome!”

Alec winks, “What can I say? I’m just pure awesome.

You can thank me later for kicking his a-s.”

“Clear the way!”
Mr Boston, the principal, bellows loudly, footstep echoes ricocheting down the hall. His four chins
are flushed crimson, his face scrunched in anger.

He looks like a bull frog. I snort a laugh as people dash away left right and centre to escape his wrath. Cowards. “Get to
lessons, all of you!”
He barks, grabbing Alec and Toby by the arms. His eyes narrow on me. “You three, come with
me. I need to have a talk with all of you.”

Once the hallway has cleared and everybody has gone to lesson, Alec, Toby and I follow Mr Boston to the principal’s office-
each with very different expressions. Whereas Alec’s is smug with victory, mine is hedged with the tiniest amount of anticipation. Do you think they’ll call my
mom? It’s not even like I was involved in the fight!

Toby just looks humiliated, a deep red colour staining his cheeks as he clutches his jaw. He won’t meet my eye,
but that’s a good thing. Maybe he’ll finally back off now.

“Take a seat in my office,” Mr Boston orders, “Hurry up!”

Hurriedly, I sit down on one of the cracked leather seats, not wanting to get into even more trouble.

Alec and Toby sit either side of me, and Mr Boston strolls behind his
desk, looking each of us in the eye in turn. “One of you,”

He says quietly, “Explain what happened.” He sits down.

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