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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 117
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“Well that’s your Christmas present sorted,”
Alec replies, and I can practically feel the smirk behind his voice. He
smirks all the freaking time.

The motorbike pulls out of his driveway and we speed towards the beach for the
second time. We’re not bringing the surfboards today because we haven’t got enough for so many people, but I made Alec promise that we can go again next time.

Surfing was really fun, whether I’m a beginner or not.

Wind whips the ends of my hair, tugging it into a banner that streams out behind me as we speed along the road,
alerting me to the present time again. I really need to get a trim- it’s getting pretty long now. I feel that easy smile
spread over my face as I spot the sea in the distance, and my arms tighten around Alec’s waist.

In reply, his muscles tense in his back, and I can see them through his shirt. I know he does some working out in his room,
but seriously? How can he be that fit? He spends most of his time annoying me! I bet the s-x works off quite a lot of calories actually… And he does a lot of that. Ew. Why
am I thinking this?

The ride to the beach is a lot shorter on motorbike than car, and we arrive there in under five minutes, well before anyone else has arrived. “What were you saying
earlier about me being a slowcoach? More like speed demon.”
Alec smirks cockily at me, observing our empty surroundings.

The car park is pretty empty, and there’s
less people on the beach today for god knows what reason.

They’ve probably all travelled further up the
coast, to the wider and cleaner beaches with bigger waves.

I think this one does just fine for me, though. I
prefer a smaller beach to a jam packed big one.

“Oh shush your mush.”

“I’d like to see you shush my mush, Riley,”
Alec winks,
blowing me a flirty kiss. I laugh off what he’s suggesting and duck beneath my hair, because despite the light hearted teasing my cheeks are flushing pink and I definitely do not want Alec to see that. He’s cocky enough
as it is: I don’t want him to see his effect on me! After they’ve cooled down a little, I glance up to see Alec
staring at the café with a mischievous grin on his face.

“Come on, I’ve got to show you something,” He smiles,

“You’re going to love this.”
He grabs my hand and tugs me along as he jogs towards the wooden café hut on the
sands, ignoring the fact that I still have a huge bag lugged over my shoulder. Ouch. Typical insensitive Alec Ryder it
is then.

“This is the place you said have good milkshakes,” I remember, shifting the bag strap on my shoulder as we round towards the counter.

“That’s cool.”
The wooden
hut looks like the sort of place that normally is buzzing with activity, judging by the expanded decking at the back and the rows of picnic tables. I assume it’s only
quiet because we’re here early, but I’m not complaining,

“Good is such an understatement Riley,” Alec grins, pulling me up to the counter where a lady waits, smiling
at us. “We’ll have one large Nutella cookies and cream milkshake please.” My eyes widen at the sound of it.

This boy knows me way too well. There must be over 300 flavour choices on the blackboards- there’s no way that
Alec can have had them all, right? The woman nods politely, before heading over to a machine that I can just
about see over the counter. I turn to Alec with an awed expression. “Nutella cookie dough? Best thing ever.”

“It’s orgasmic,”
Alec agrees, “I can’t wait to see your expression when you try it. Mind if I take a picture? It will
be totally Facebook worthy, I promise you.”
I shake my head, laughing.

“No thank you. I think Facebook has seen a bit too much of my face,”
I frown, remembering when he posted that
cavewoman shot of me asleep onto his profile. It’s not like I’d even done anything to him first: he just wanted to humiliate me using my many flaws. I really need to ask
him to remove that picture.

I honestly think that people
will die of laughter every time they see it…either that or scorch their eyes. Well, at least if they scorched their eyes, they wouldn’t be able to see it anymore.

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