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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 120
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My brain can shut the fvck up.

I lean closer to Riley, my heart in my throat. This is the closest I’ve ever been to her. Our breaths intermingle, and her wide blue eyes stare into mine, her eyelashes
fluttering irresistibly.

I’m not sure what I’m waiting for, but we’re both pausing in anticipation- as though we don’t quite know how to act. I’ve kissed plenty of girls
before, but not one of them has ever been like this. I’m actually scared that she’ll reject me, which has never
happened to me.

Well, at least she’s not pulling away.
Take the jump, Alec. I lean forward and brush my lips ever so lightly against her, testing the waters to see what she does.

She remains completely still. I am mere
millimetres away from kissing her and sealing the deal- confessing my feelings.

Why am I not moving? What
am I waiting for?

“Well look at what the tide brought in,”
A voice jeers, and my muscles tense.

That, apparently. That is what I’m waiting for.

Riley and I jerk away from each other, scrambling back in the damp sand with our faces painted red with humiliation.

I was just about to kiss her. I was going to
kiss Riley Greene. I don’t even know what I was thinking:
I guess I’m just lucky that I didn’t kiss her (as disappointed as I feel right now), because I would have been rejected and a friendship would have been torn apart. I sigh, brushing sand off me as I stand up.

Chase and Joe are stood, grinning like maniacs as they watch the awkwardness between Riley and I play out and I’m

feeling the severe urge to punch them both, hard.

I almost freaking kissed her! They know I like her: why would they interrupt?

D--n. One more freaking second and it would have happened.

I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not.



I stare at the double doors with wide, anticipating eyes,
watching each pupil filter in, placing their devices in the box held by Mr Browne.
It’s eerily silent, and yet the
room is filled with imagined screams of the nervous, sweat rolling down palms inconspicuously. Today is the
day of the math exam- one that covers 50% of my finals, and I’m going to do my god d--n freaking best.

No distractions. I’ve been studying for months for this stupid
exam, and I am not going to let Alec Ryder, or Toby or any of that other shiz get in my way and ruin this for me.

I hate math with a passion, but I will get a good grade.

I need it: I’ve worked too hard not to.

Alec almost kissed you yesterday.

Shut up, brain. I fight to restrain the memories and the happiness that floods into me at the thought, taking a deep breath and placing my own mobile in the box as I walk into the hall. This is it. I can’t let Alec Ryder ruin this
for me now. One hour and I have thirty questions to answer.

That’s two minutes for each question, give or take some time. I can think about him afterwards: I need to focus on this now.

I share a nervous look with Violet
as I reach my seat and slide behind the single desk.

My mouth is dry with anticipation, my pen gripped firmly in my hand. I can do this.
The doors slam shut.

Let the test begin.

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