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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 122
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Luckily I shaved and moisturised this afternoon so I look
all decent in the skin area. Now for the hair and makeup.

“Hurry up Riley,”
Alec grumbles from outside the door, and I c--k an eyebrow.

I’ve taken two minutes to put this
dress on. He needs to learn some patience, or we will really not get along tonight. I slide into a seat in front of my mirror- painting my eyelids a subtle rose gold with a
brown contour to match the outfit.

I fill in my eyebrows ever so slightly and hide some of my freckles with concealer.

Other than some lip gloss and mascara
though, I don’t think I’ll do much more. Make-up was originally created to accent the features, not cake them,
so I think I’ve done a good enough job.
Less is more, after all.

After styling my hair into an elegant loose braided bun and pulling out a few curls, I’m all set. “Alec!” I shout,
“You can come in now.” I slide on the heels and look into the mirror.

I think I’ve done pretty well actually, without Violet’s help.

She would be proud of me. I take a quick
picture and send it to her on snap chat, grinning like a lunatic at her reply: STUNNING. NOW GO AND SNOG

Pssh, yeah, as if that would ever happen.
Alec walks in and wolf whistles at me, not making any attempt to hide his awed expression.

I feel a small twinge of satisfaction and my cheeks tinge pink as he smirks.

“Hot d--n.”

I know. Our children would be beautiful.

Okay, did I seriously just think that?!

“Shut up,” I roll my eyes, picking up my clutch and swatting him on the shoulder with it. “Are you ready to go? I’m not sure what time mom wants us to leave.”
Alec nods and shoves his hands in his pockets as we walk down the stairs. Mom waits at the stairs, talking to Marie.

Both women look gorgeous- wearing cocktail dresses with their hair styled to perfection. Even Jack is wearing a kid’s tux, but he’s playing on his iPod which kind of ruins the image. Alec told me earlier that Millie is
being babysat next door by her aunty, Natasha’s mom.

He really wants me to meet her, but tonight is obviously not the night.

“Riley, you look beautiful!”
Mum gushes, coming forwards to meet me at the bottom of the stairs. “My baby girl- you look so grown up! That dress is gorgeous
on you.”
I blush a little at the compliments, and the fact that she called me baby girl in front of Alec. No doubt I’ll
get an earful about that later. “Thanks mom,” I twist my hands together awkwardly, “So do you and Marie.”

“And Alec, you look so handsome!”
Mom smiles kindly and even Alec blushes. Wow, I should take a picture- it’s
a momentous occasion to see Alec acting remotely modest. “Don’t they look such a gorgeous pair, Mar?”
She turns to look over her shoulder at Marie, but not before I catch her playful wink at me. What. Is. She. Doing.

Marie grins mischievously, “Oh definitely.”

Meanwhile, Alec and I are taking an awkward step away from each other. I’m pretty sure my face has flamed red,
but I don’t dare to look at him and see how he’s reacting to this awkwardness.

This is even worse after being multiplied by that stupid almost-kiss the other day. “Ha,” I laugh awkwardly, “So when are we leaving then mom?”
Smooth Riley. Smooth change of subject.

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