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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 124
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“Whoa, what?”

“Don’t panic, I’m not saying you have to kiss or anything.

Just be friendly. No arguments, a bit of dancing and nod along politely to anything the founders say. You guys will be fine,”
She smiles, “Are you ready? Remember to be
She and Marie link arms and begin to head down the stairway, with Jack trailing behind them. Wow, this is
like a freaking ball. At least he’s had the common sense to put his iPod away. Slowly, Alec’s arm slides itself into mine, and I turn to raise an eyebrows at him.

What is he doing? “It’s part of the act, princessa.” He rolls his eyes,
“C’mon. Let’s go.”

We make our way down the stairway as elegantly as possible, and I try my very hardest not to slip in my shoes on the polished marble. “Princessa huh?” I tease Alec, “Look at you, Chico, speaking sexy.”

“Are you calling me sexy, Riley?”
Alec raises an eyebrows, his lips quirking into a cocky grin.

“Nope,” I shake my head determinedly, “I’m saying
Spanish is a very sexy language.”

“Ah, but I am part Spanish. Therefore you are calling me sexy as a consequence of that.”

“You’re about as sexy as a dogs butt.”

“Very sexy,”
Alec winks playfully, tightening his hold on my arm.

“Should I be calling the cops and getting you a restraining order from dogs?”

“Yeah probably,”
Alec laughs. We reach the bottom of the stairs, without me tripping (ACHIEVMENT UNLOCKED), and head straight over to the bar area.

Already I can see mom and Marie talking to a small group of about six men and women, amongst some of the co- workers I recognise. Jack is sat at a café table, sipping a
coke and looking bored out of his mind.

To be quite honest, I don’t really see the point of him being here.

He’s not going to talk to any of the Founders, unless they’re
cooing over him, and he’s just going to get bored and mess around with the other boys. He’s more of a hindrance than a help.

Mom meets my eye and breaks
into a smile when she spots me, beckoning me over to meet the group.

I take a deep breath as I step into the
circle of adults, squeezing Alec’s arm. “This is my oldest child, Riley, and her date Alec.”

“Nice to meet you,”
A man says gruffly, leaning in to shake our hands, which is followed by a murmur of agreement from the other Founders. He looks important,
with a short grey beard and undoubtedly wearing some kind of expensive suit from Italy or wherever.

I have to let go of Alec’s arm to shake all the hands offered to me,
but he finds my hand again once we’ve finished. “It’s very nice to meet you too,” I say politely with a
rehearsed smile, “What a delightful venue this is, don’t you agree?” Yeah, you can probably tell I’ve done this quite a few times before. The founders spin into their
own conversations about the venue, and mom shoots me a thumbs up.

“So, Riley and Alec,” A man takes a sip from his glass,

“Are you going to be following in your mothers’ footsteps, both of you, hmm? Maybe you’ll take on the surgery once they’ve retired.

You look like a reliable pair.

Have you thought about what you want to do when you graduate?”
Well that’s kind of typical of him to assume that we want to be doctors like our mothers, isn’t it.

“Riley and Alec are both very clever, aren’t you dears?”

Mom interrupts me as I go to open my mouth, “Riley is thinking about taking the design route though- she has very creative juices flowing through her as well as her
logical ones.

She’s a bit of a cross between myself and my ex-husband, lucky dear. And Alec? You like the movie business, don’t you?”

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