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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 129
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“Jack, pass me the popcorn please,”
I murmur quietly.

My left hand fumbles around on the couch beside me for the bowl, but my eyes are too lazy to leave the screen.

Besides, it’s a good film. Currently we’re watching ‘We Bought a Zoo’ because it’s a Saturday night, and I don’t
have a social life, so mom suggested we have a family game night in like the cliché happy family we are.

So far we’ve played Monopoly (I was the first person bankrupt, go figure) and a Wii game which Jack kept losing.

Needless to say, he went off in a tantrum and that was the end of our game night, so mom suggested a movie

“Jack. Pass it here, dude.” I huff and my eyes finally leave the TV for a second to see Jack glaring at me and clutching the popcorn bowl protectively, ignoring my
outstretched hand.

“Jack, why won’t you give it here?” I
frown. I try to reach for it, but he just dodges my hand.

Oh so that’s how he wants to play it then.

“Because you’re eating it all, I can’t catch up,”
He grumbles through a mouthful of popcorn. Mom shushes
us for interrupting the film with our voices, but to be honest, she’s texting Marie so she’s not exactly the ideal
viewer either.

I glare at him for a second, before I finally
lean forward to grab a handful.

I bring my hand back towards my mouth eagerly, but Jack bats it away so that
my popcorn flies all over the floor.

Mom gasps loudly, and I glance up with raised eyebrows. Wow, is a little bit

of popcorn on the floor that big of a deal?

“Marie’s engaged Riley! She just texted me about it!”

Marie has a boyfriend?! Well, fiancé now. That’s funny, I don’t think Alec’s mentioned it before. “That’s great.” I
frown and reach for my phone, forgetting the popcorn scattered all over the floor and the film that only Jack is watching now.

I send a quick message to Alec.

Your mom has a fiancé?

He replies almost instantly.

Yeah, he’s a soldier. They just got engaged.
My eyebrows shoot up. Marie is dating a soldier?

“Did you know that Marie had a boyfriend?”
I ask mom, and
she nods quickly, her eyes not leaving the screen of her phone.

Okay, just me then. Why was I not keyed into
this? I didn’t realise she had a boyfriend.
Really? You’ve never mentioned him.
Alec’s message comes through a few seconds later.

Because he’s never around. She went to a big meet-up today, to see him for the first time in a month. He has to go back soon though.

His name is Matthew.

Riley: Go back where?

Afghanistan. His parole ends a week before the date mom wants to have the wedding.

They’ve been together for years, but that’s why they wanted to leave the wedding until now.

So that he’s no longer on parole and he can support us better.

Wow, this is quite a lot to sink in. I wasn’t even aware Marie had a boyfriend, and soon enough Alec is going to have a step-dad? It’s amazing that Matthew’s in the army
though. He must be a nice guy, or Marie wouldn’t love him, I have faith in that.

That’s so nice

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