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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 130
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“I wonder what it’s going to be about,”
Violet frowns as we take our seats, “They don’t just hold a junior
assembly for nothing. Heck, they want us to have an education right?”

“All I’ve heard is that it’s about that Math course we had to take,”
Martin adds, “So maybe it’s about when we get
our marks back or something? Maybe they’re telling us we’ve all done terribly, which I think we so obviously have .”
Violet chuckles at this and leans away from me to
hold her own conversation with Martin, leaving me stuck staring awkwardly forwards like the incredibly self- conscious third wheel I am. I glance around the room,
seeing that it’s full now and they’re closing the doors. The bell rings loudly, ricocheting around the hall and indicating the start of first period. Chase catches my eye from a few rows behind, pulling an incredibly ugly face at
me. Charming. I grin and pull one back, before a clap for attention brings my head back to face forwards again.
Here we go.

“Good morning, Junior Class of 2014,” Mr Boston’s voice booms around the hall. He’s practically famous for that
huge set of lungs of his, but how does he manage to speak that loudly? I don’t think he’s using a microphone.

There’s one on the podium, but he’s not stood there.

They wouldn’t give him another microphone, would they?

Maybe his four chins act as some kind of amp? I
make a small sound in the back of my throat at this thought.

“As you are well aware, we have come to the end of the math course you’ve been taking for quite a few months
now. The exam papers were handed in, and are currently being marked, but you will not receive those back until the end of senior year, amongst your other results.

This coursework and exam will go into your final math grade,
and because it’s so difficult this can have a dramatic impact on your grade and determine whether you get a D or an A.”
He pauses to shoot everyone a stern look,
and instantly people begin to sit up straighter from their slouched positions. Mr Boston can be pretty intimidating if he wants to be.

“I have been discussing with your Math teachers, and we reached the conclusion that your year as a whole have come up with some incredibly high quality math coursework,” Mr Boston nods and even smiles a little,

“And it is suggested that if they have studied and worked to their full capability, that everyone will pass the test,
give or take a few individuals. This behaviour, and this hard work is exactly what we aim to achieve at Lindale High School, and you have represented us well.

This year may offer us some of the best results yet, and we have decided that this deserves to be rewarded.”

I sit up a little straighter at this, and an excited murmur runs through the crowd. A reward?
“Some of you may remember that last year, the previous junio class went to a local theme park for their reward for hard work.

They all achieved incredibly high results
which they definitely deserved, and we think you all have done just as well. Let’s please take a moment to thank the
Math teachers who are in the room today, for helping you to achieve your capabilities, shall we?”
A rumble of applause crosses the room for the math teachers and they smile at the recognition; some of them even bow.

I guess they deserve it though, they’ve been working just as hard as we have.

I clap along with everybody else,
and I can hear someone scream ‘Yeah Mrs T!’ towards the back.

It sounds like Joe, funnily enough.

“Oh, okay,”
Dylan swallows, “So you want me to talk here then?” To say he looks uncomfortable would be a huge understatement.

He’s flushed bright red now, and
he’s swallowing as though there’s no saliva left in his mouth.

I feel really bad for making him feel like that. Why did I have to make such a big deal out of an innocent private conversation?

He probably only wanted to know
how my day was or something.

“Yes, go ahead Dylan,”
Alec’s voice is smooth, but hedged with something that sounds a little bit defensive
and daring. I glance between the two boys. Is there something going on here that I’m missing? Dylan is staring at the table, and Alec is tense as though he’s waiting.

“Are you free on Saturday night?” Dylan finally blurts.

What?! Before I’ve even had time to register Dylan’s question, Alec’s palms slap down on the table loudly, and a loud smacking noise ricochets around the room.

That had to have hurt, but funnily enough Alec doesn’t seem to mind, too consumed in anger. A lot of people are staring at us now, and my jaw has dropped to the floor,
but I snap it shut as I watch Alec climb out of the booth angrily. His jaw is set in annoyance, and he looks like he’s gritting his teeth behind his closed lips. He was expecting
this, I realise, He must know that Dylan likes me.

He knows about the kiss.

What the hell am I supposed to do? Did I not make it crystal clear to Dylan that I didn’t like him as anything more than a friend? I gaze, conflicted as Alec jogs away from the scene. Should I go after him? Would that be a
clingy girlfriend kind of thing to do? “I’m sorry, Dylan, but you already know my answer to that question,” I murmur quietly, standing up from the table, “Excuse me,
but I’ve got to go and clear up the s--t you just stirred.”

Dylan calls after me as I head after Alec determinedly, swinging my backpack over my shoulder,

“Do I not deserve a chance?”

“Dylan, I’m sorry. It’s just not going to happen. You’re sweet, and cute and kind but I don’t see you as anything
more than a friend.”
I nod sadly, “I really am sorry.”

Dylan sighs but nods stiffly before staring straight ahead, ignoring Joe’s glare directed at him. I feel terrible.

Maybe I should give him a chance? But I really don’t like him, I just…no. If he’s looking for the ‘one’ or whatever, then
he’s got the wrong girl.

Violet points urgently at the
corridor leading out of the canteen, urging me to go after Alec.

I shoot her a grateful grin and turn around to run after him.

I don’t know why he’s so angry, but there’s got to be something I can say to cheer him up, right?

As I turn the corner, I spot Alec up ahead pacing up and down. He still looks furious, and I’m a little hesitant to approach him when steam is practically exploding from
his ears. I guess I’d just like to think that he’d do the same for me, so I’m going to approach him and fix this as best
I can. “Alec,” My voice is kind of hoarse as I step closer, and his head snaps up to look at me.

The cobalt ocean depths of his eyes are stormy and grey with anger, but they soften slightly as they see me, but it’s not long until
he looks angrier than he did before, if that is even possible. “What is it Riley?” He sighs exasperatedly,
features creased in annoyance.

“I said no.”

A brief look of shock crosses his features, but then we lose eye contact and he shakes his head as though trying to erase some thoughts from his mind. “Whatever,” He
shrugs nonchalantly, “Why should I care?”
Why should he care?

And as those words registered, I got the hardest punch to my gut I think I’ve ever had.

“Not a theme park,”
He shakes his head, shushing the crowd, “We have rented out the nearest waterpark for a day.”
A waterpark?!

Oh my gosh! That’s the coolest thing ever! They have totally blown my expectations to smithereens- nothing this cool happens at our school! Suddenly the whole room is alive with excitable chatter and whooping.

Yeah, needless to say, our school doesn’t get treats very often, this is a huge step up.

Renting out a waterpark for a day?

This is better than homecoming for us.

“Settle down!”
Mr Boston booms over the craziness, but he’s smiling too, “We are renting out Aqua Falls waterpark on Friday 20th March, ten days from now.

You will be transported to the venue by coach, and we will require a small deposit of about $15 for the transport and lunch costs, but the venue is our treat.

A letter will be handed out to each of you in your last lesson, and will be expected to be signed by a parent’s consent for the
Wednesday two days before, or we will not be permitted to allow you to go. Also, we will need details on any pupils who struggle with swimming even if it’s only
slightly, just so we can alert the lifeguards to keep an extra eye on you.”

“This is the coolest fricking thing ever!”
Violet whispers to me, “Can I sit next to you on the coach?” I nod excitedly
and grin. I’m so excited, it’s almost as if that stupid math course was worth it. Not quite though. I hate Math with a

But a waterpark? I think this is the best thing that’s happened all year.


“I think there’s a dead slug in your sandwich,”
Joe winkles his nose, frowning at Violet’s lunch, “But it’s been ran over by a bulldozer or something. That is definitely not ham.”

“It’s called quorn,”
She rolls her eyes, “Artificial meat. I’m
a vegetarian, but I think I’ve lost my appetite now. Dead slug? That’s my lunch you’re talking about.”
She wrinkles
her nose.

“What can I say? I’m bluntly charming.” Joe grins innocently.

I watch the affair through my actual ham
sandwich (I love my meat), but in silence. I can’t seem to shut my mind up about this bloody waterpark thing.

I really shouldn’t be so excited about this, but I am for some reason. Nothing exciting happens at our school, it’s
completely surreal to me. I can see Dylan’s eyes boring into the side of my face, but I daren’t look to the side and
meet his eye.

Things have more or less returned to
normal between us, but I still blush and try not to meet his eye when we’re talking. I think it’s best for me to just
act like I don’t notice him staring at me. He’ll get the hint,
won’t he?

Alec is sat next to Joe on the opposite side of the table, and Violet and I are paired together. Chase is apparently hooking up with someone or something, according to rumour.

To be honest I wouldn’t put it past him, but at
least he’s a lovable player. If they exist, that is.

Dylan’s voice interrupts my thoughts and my head snaps up to look at him. I feel uncomfortable, but
I’m not the only one judging by Dylan’s rosy cheeks and awkward posture. What’s up with him? “Yeah?” I ask.

“I need to talk to you, can we go and speak alone for a second?”

Alec stiffens visibly but doesn’t meet my eye, and I jerk backwards as though someone’s touched white hot metal to my skin.

I don’t want to go anywhere with him.

I shoot a vaguely panicked look at Violet, and her expression mirrors mine. “Er, um, no!” I blurt out before I can stop myself, and my hand slaps over my mouth.

Oh crap, why did I just say that? Everyone on the table turns to look at me now.

Whereas Dylan looks a little shell
shocked, Violet looks relieved and Joe looks curious.

I can’t even describe Alec’s expression.

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