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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 137
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I sit, curled up in a cubicle in the girls restrooms.
It’s the cliché place in movies to cry, I know, but I don’t know where else I can go to: I have nowhere.

The school has turned against me, and it feels like nobody is on my side. I’m a murderer. A killer. My stomach twists with the
most sickening pain I’ve ever felt, but somehow I know that it’s not the type of pain that can be cured with an aspirin tablet.

I let out another body-wracking sob and
sq££ze my legs tighter to my chest.

I can never forgive him, or her.

But most of all, I can’t ever forgive myself.

I wish I could tell you that I came into school this
morning and knew that something was wrong instantly.

The horribly over-used shift in the air, the sense of impending doom etc. Honestly? That wasn’t the case.

I came in and everything was normal, as you’d expect.

I greeted Violet at my locker with my usual morning grunt, and then I went into lessons like the little good girl I am.

I continued, blissfully unaware, as my day went on.

That all changed when I got to the canteen.

Wow, this is really dramatic- like a horror story or something.

I promise no monsters are going to jump out anytime soon.

I entered the canteen as per usual and greeted the guys.

Alec was talking to Joe, and Chase was mainly
concentrating on his phone; texting a girl, I expect.

I saw Toby walk past but I thought nothing of it. I chatted to Violet and I ate my sandwich, and that was when I noticed it. Toby had gone to sit at Tiana’s table.

I couldn’t help but to let my jaw drop open, and a pang hit me squarely in the chest. I know, I know- I was being selfish.

I’d rejected him, so I haven’t got the power to be jealous anymore: I’m not allowed. Still, I couldn’t help that betrayed feeling that overcame me in that second. If he
was flirting with any other girl, I would have been fine with it; congratulated him, even.

But the fact that it was Tiana hurt the most; the girl that he cheated on me with.

It’s like he was trying to find some way to get back on me, to rub salt in the wound that is still healing.

I rolled my eyes and looked away. I needed to forget about him, he wasn’t worth my time. “What’s up
Violet whispered to me, and I responded with a simple shake of my head. I wanted to clear my mind completely of Toby and our fricked up past, and m0an!ng about things to Violet wouldn’t exactly fit that
criteria. I dismissed her question and continued to eat.

Suddenly, Violet’s eyes flickered to the table behind us- Tiana’s table, and her mouth dropped open.

What? I spun around to see what she was looking at, and saw Tiana stood firmly on the centre of the table.

Her hand rested lightly on her hip, and her icy stare was fixed on… me.

I should’ve guessed something bad was about to happen right there.

The air seemed to grow colder around me, and as more and more people noticed the
Queen Bee stood on a table, whispers began to circulate around the canteen. She towered above everyone, in height as well as status. I should have got up and ran
away, before I could get hurt, but I had no sense. Stupid Riley. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Alec whispered, “Why is she glaring at you like that?”

I shrugged helplessly and continued to stare as my ex- boyfriend, the one and only Toby Charlton stood on a chair beside the table. He was like a sidekick flanking her.

Unlike her smug smirk though, he looked apprehensive- his lip had disappeared between his teeth. “Students of Lindale High,” Tiana announced loudly, calling for attention, and everyone went silent, obeying their master.
Something big was about to happen, and I could feel it in my bones, but I was rooted in my seat. I had no choice but to sit and watch as she prepared to hurt me in quite
possibly the worst way possible. In front of my friends.

My teachers. My school. “Ladies and gentlemen,” She smiled once she had everyone’s attention, “We have a
killer amongst us.”

A nervous murmur ran through the crowd, but
everyone’s eyes were trained on her, eager for more.

Just the way she liked it.

“That killer goes by the name of Riley Greene.”

Something twisted in my stomach as I turned to see everybody looking at me, and my face was masked with confusion and panic.

What was she talking about? What was she trying to do? Gazes flickered between Tiana and I
as if people didn’t know who to look at more. Tiana’s eyes were wide with delight, and a cruel smirk twisted her lips into a sight of pure hatred. I felt Violet gripping my arm behind me, whether it was for support or pain I
don’t know.

My friends were all staring at me, but I couldn’t draw my eyes away from Tiana herself. I was at her mercy, and she knew it.

“Riley Greene thought she was invisible,”
Tiana begins,

“What she didn’t know, was that I’ve been paying a lot more attention to her than she originally thought.

Or rather, Toby has.”

Toby straightened his head a little bit and stared out at the crowd, but he didn’t dare meet my eye. What a coward.

I tried to swallow but my mouth was dry, like

“Who here knew that Riley Greene once had a sister?”


No, this can’t be happening.
People staring. Whispers.

“And who here knew that Riley was the one who helped with her sisters demise?!” Tiana was shrieking with joy by that point, trying to bring the crowd into an uproar.

I sat staring at her with horror contorting my face, but that couldn’t even display half of the turmoil inside of me. No. Please no.

“Riley’s sister, Kaitlin,”
She twisted her tongue, tasting the name, “Died from lung cancer. Am I right, Toby?”
Toby nodded.

“And why wasn’t she saved?” Tiana paced around the table, heels clicking against the polished wood.

She had the crowd wrapped around her little manicured finger.

“Well because Riley’s family couldn’t afford to give her the treatment that she needed. That beautiful happy girl died
because she said that she didn’t want the treatment, to save her family’s back. She lied, and Riley here knew that.

But Riley went along with it at the cost of her sibling’s demise. How selfish is that?!”

My heart thundered inside my ribs and I could feel the sob rising in my throat. No words can describe what I felt right then…other than the upmost agony.

Toby stared at his feet, but Tiana was in her element right there on that table- humiliating me.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Riley Greene is a killer. She doesn’t deserve your respect, and she doesn’t deserve your love.

Dylan, you’ve moved on, and good for you
because you can do so much better than the trash you wanted before.

Toby, you want her back, god knows

I’d say that chance is pretty much ruined now
though, after you helped me with this,”
She scoffed,

“Some of you people might be thinking ‘Why is Tiana doing this?’ or ‘What spurred this on?’ The answer is

Her pacing stopped. “Alec. Alec Ryder- the most popular guy in school is crushing on her!” Tiana flapped an arm to emphasise her point, “I thought it was time to alert
him of just how evil Riley Greene is. Maybe we can get one of her followers to fall out of love with her, eh?

This is wrong, and I am standing up for what I believe in.

She is a selfish coward, and she doesn’t deserve Alec Ryder or any of the attention she gets. She is a monster.”

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