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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 139
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“Where are you taking me?”
I ask dubiously, feeling incredibly vulnerable with my eyes covered. I squint at the cracks of light between Alec’s fingers, but I can’t make
out anything.

Alec climbed through my window last
night and told me that this was his and Violet’s scheme to try and cheer me up, seeing as I’ve been a lot quieter since Tiana’s announcement. My friends seem to think
that there’s something wrong with me because I’ve been very self-conscious at school, but honestly, who can blame me? I think everyone would be a little bit quiet if
they had their past broadcasted to the entire junior year.

I insisted that it wasn’t necessary, but of course he ignored me, and so they launched a ‘Cheer up Riley’ day.

Beginning with the terrible and horrifyingly scary
experience of having my eyes covered by Alec.

I really don’t trust that he won’t walk me into a streetlamp or something.

“I can’t tell you,” Alec grunts, “Now be quiet.”

Well then, I see how it is. I sigh exasperatedly- how long does it take to get to this freaking surprise? I can hear Violet, Martin and the boys laughing and talking to my right.

Dylan made an appearance today with his new
girlfriend Hannah: I think he and Alec have made up now.

Beyond that, I can just about hear some boisterous carnival music, but that doesn’t make sense.

Lindale doesn’t have a carnival. I sniff the air cautiously, seeing if smells will give away the secret location, but I can’t smell

much else than the burger stand which we passed a little while back.

The food scent is lingering in my nostrils
because Joe bought a hamburger. It’s like he’s rubbing it in my face, honestly.

“Think,” Alec mumbles. “It’s pretty obvious. What do you hear?”

As the music gets louder, it finally becomes clear to me.

“The fair!”
I exclaim suddenly, “We’re at the Lindale fair,
It’s kind of embarrassing how I didn’t guess it before now.

The Lindale Fair is a humble little thing that
our town hosts every year on the fields behind the park.

There’s a few rides, and some little stores that locals set up, and a big top which is frankly not very big.

I didn’t see any signs for it this year, but maybe that’s just me being unobservant.

I love the Lindale Fair, Violet knows
that. She must have come up with the idea.

“Congratulations, you finally guessed correctly.”
Alec drawls, removing his hands from my eyes. I squint a
little at the sudden brightness, before spotting the familiar lights and activity of the fair.

A large gravel path sweeps
towards the entrance, and the path is filled with people.

I’m surprised Alec didn’t shove me into someone: I was kind of expecting it what with me pestering the whole
journey here.

I smile a little bit at the idea. My friends are
grass holes…but they can be kind of sweet. Sometimes.

“Do you like the surprise?”
Violet asks me, grabbing my arm. “Are you happy?”
“I’m very happy,”
I grin, pulling her into a hug, “Thank you, I appreciate it.”

“I’m happy too,”
Chase butts in, smirking and slinging an arm around my shoulders. He smells strongly of axe and
something which vaguely reminds me of cinnamon.

“You’re only happy because you got la!d last night,”
Alec grunts.

“It’s better than you can say, bro.” Chase grins, and Alec lurches at him playfully.

“Ew,” I wrinkle my nose, “Don’t touch me, I don’t want an STD.

Let’s just hope that you learnt from your parent’s mistake and used protection, yeah?”
I grin cheekily up at him, and he hip bumps me with a scowl.

I can hear Alec’s laugh and it makes me smile like the love-struck little girl I am.

What a sap. We finally reach the entrance
of the fair, and we pay for our tickets as we pass through the barriers, smiling at the cheery woman collecting the

I stare up at the rides and stalls happily.

I used to come here a lot with my mom when I was younger, it’s a shame I haven’t been in a few years. “Which ride do you guys want to go on first?” I spin around and ask the
others. Violet bounces up to me and hooks her arm through mine.

“Well I’m up for anything, so you can decide.

We need to cheer you up.”

Joe grunts encouragingly through a mouthful of
hamburger, his cheeks crammed full with the last of his lunch.

Oh if only Natasha was here: she’d love this.

I peer around at the array of rides, spotting a candyfloss stall which I will definitely pay a visit to later on, a giant wheel and a few other rides. There’s not a tonne of choice, but I can live with that. My eyes land on the strobe lighting of the bumper cars, and my features light up. I’ve always loved those things, and what could be more fun than ramming into each other in brightly-lit little cars?

“What about the bumper cars?” I ask her, and she nods excitedly, turning to the others to see their opinion.

Joe seems a little reluctant that we aren’t going on a huge ride yet, but everyone else is quite content with the idea.

I join the queue quickly, which is mercifully short. “Hey,” I whisper to Violet, leaning against the barrier. “I know you
came up with the idea of coming here today- so thanks.”

“You’re welcome,”
She replies, “Have you given any thought to what you want for your birthday yet?”
My birthday.

Mom was asking me about it the other day: it’s coming up next week, and I completely forgot. Since about the age of twelve, I’ve never really been one to celebrate birthdays properly, with like a party or whatever.

Mom would just take us (my siblings and Violet) to dinner, and then we’d come home to eat the cake- that was the extent of my birthday parties.

As for presents, well I’m really awkward for that too: it takes me forever to decide
on something that I want. So instead of going with what I want, I’ll go with what Violet will want to buy me.

“Er, some clothes would be nice I suppose?” I scratch the back of my neck nonchalantly. “I could do with some
outfits for summer.”

Violet’s eyes light up. “Sure! I’d love to get you some clothes. What else have you asked for?”

“Well just some more converse, and some money from mom,”
I shrug my shoulders, “I don’t really need anything else to be perfectly honest.” Boy do I love my
converse though.

“What about Alec and the boys?”

“Are you kidding? They won’t buy me anything.”

Violet raises her eyebrows at me as though I’m dumb, before turning to the boys who are in the queue just behind us.

Her hand finds its way into Martin’s, who is just stood rather awkwardly behind her. “Guys? What are you buying Riley for her birthday?”

“When’s her birthday?”
Joe asks curiously, shooting a glance at me.

Dylan’s eyebrows are furrowed, and Chase
is glancing down at his phone- obviously not
concentrating. Gee, what great friends I have. Lucky girl right here.

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