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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 52
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I pull my phone from my pocket, glad to see that it at least has a little charge. I plugged it in whilst I was getting ready, and although it’s only two percent charged, I have
long enough to text Violet and tell her I can’t pick her up today. I unlock the phone quickly, but stop as I realise a stupid fact.

My car is it at the garage. I didn’t need to pick Violet up anyway- that was the point of our sleepover last night: so that she could drive me to school! But of course, I forgot all about that when this stupid party
came along. S--t! School is destined to start now. I, Riley Greene, am completely and utterly screwed.

I have no car, I look like I’ve just been dragged through a hedge
backwards and my mom has no idea I’m even here.

If you can think of a solution to this problem any time soon, it would be incredibly useful.

No? No, me neither.

“You want a ride?” Alec calls from behind me.

Oh my gosh. I spin around on my heel, grinning widely at the boy stood next to his motorcycle next door.

Without a thought, I run over to him and attack him with a hug.

This guy has saved my a-s way too many times in the last two days, it’s unreal. Alec chuckles at my grateful reaction, hugging me back a little bit before letting me go.

“C’mon. I mean, I’d love to stand here hugging all day, but we’ll have nothing to hug about if we don’t get to
school in two seconds. Hurry your a-s up.”
He swings his leg over the motorcycle seat and gestures for me to


I bite my lip.

Motorcycles. Never really been a fan of the death machines that you could possibly fall off whilst zooming down the motorway at 200 miles an hour, personally.

I guess I’ll just have to sU-Ck it up though. What was that you were saying about me being sheltered yesterday
Alec? I smirk to myself as I swing my leg over the bike, taking the helmet he hands to me. I feel proud, although a little nervous. I don’t look at Alec’s expression, but I can
tell that he’s surprised I climbed on so easily.

I suppose most girls wouldn’t come near this thing with a bargepole.

The thing is, I’m not most girls. Yes, my
stomach feels like it’s eating itself with nerves and my arms are wrapped around Alec like vices, but I’m willing to do this just for the hell of it.

To live on the edge of life.

I’d also kind of like to cross something from my bucket list, but that’s beside the point. The point is- The roar of the motorcycle engine interrupts my thoughts, and I let out a little squeak as it suddenly begins
to move beneath us.

This is it- I’m actually riding a motorcycle! A mother trucking bad boy motorcycle! The
vehicle roars beneath me, and the next thing I know we’re reversing back onto the road. Oh god, oh god, oh god. I clutch Alec for dear life as we turn, and his
muscles tense at the touch.

With one final roar, the bike
kicks into gear and we’re off. My hair streams behind me like a banner, the breeze silencing my cries of joy and

The fierce wind makes my eyes water, even
though I can tell we’re not actually going anything more than forty miles an hour. I actually kind of like it to be
honest. It’s nerve wracking and dangerous, sure, but it’s also an adrenaline rush which makes me feel excited. On
top of the world.

“This is amazing!”
I squeal through the winds, and I can feel Alec shaking his head amusedly.

I watch, fascinated, as the good old Lindale scenery flashes by me.

A hint of the beach, trees, houses, more
trees. I think I could probably get used to this.

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