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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 54
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It’s been kind of hard without Alec today.
I’ve spotted him around a little bit, but I think he’s avoiding me. He’s pretty good at that actually: once today is all I’ve seen him, and that’s a little bit foreign
considering how often we normally talk. I saw him making out with another unlucky victim earlier; a cheerleader.

I managed to hold my mouth luckily. As
much as I want to tease him about it or to scream at her to run while she can, I need to salvage what little I have left of Alec and I’s relationship. I can’t afford to piss him
off further, although every instinct is telling me otherwise.

Sitting here in Biology, I can’t help but let my mind stray back over to the incident this morning, as it has been doing since the accident.

I feel absolutely terrible, and I
can’t stop thinking about it. In all honesty, I really didn’t mean to hurt Alec’s feelings. I stupidly thought that he
wouldn’t want to walk in with me, that I would damage his reputation.

I thought wrong. I bite my lip, playing
with the end of a very bitten pencil. I really should say sorry, but how do I do it?
In a warped way, I was trying to protect him. Like the classic princess charming I am.

I thought that if I didn’t walk in with him, his image would be saved.

But I know now that Alec doesn’t give a d--n about his image, which makes me smile even though I feel horrible.

I was so stupid for risking our friendship over a fear of stick and insults, but that’s exactly what I did. He’s one of the

most popular guys in school, and I’m the girl that gets hated on by his fan girls. What a pair.
As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t want to lose Alec Ryder. Especially after all he’s done for me (excluding the
pranks and underwear stealing of course).

I shake my head to clear my thoughts- I really can’t be dealing with this right now. I’ve got a philosophy test coming up next period, and I can’t afford to be distracted.

For chrissakes, I’ve been revising for a week and I am not risking this grade over a stupid little fall out. I’m not a
straight A student naturally, I have to work hard to get my decent grades, and Alec is not going to be the cause of a slip up whether he knows it or not. I stare intensely at the whiteboard, trying hard to absorb what the teacher is saying, but I can’t help but be
distracted by a certain
pair behind me.

“Mr Ryder! Miss Wilson!”
Miss Sharpe shrieks from the front of the classroom, “I ask you to get your hands off
each other and pay attention!”
Alec breaks off from his make out with Minnie to shoot the teacher a smirk,
ignoring the eyes of every person in the class. He’s sat at the back of the roo with Minnie Wilson, but something tells me that it’s not to avoid attention: they seem to be
basking in if anything. It’s for some other reason, and I honestly don’t want to think about that right now.

His eyes glint dangerously as he sizes up our teacher, and I swear I can hear the drool collecting in every girl’s mouth
in this room.

Excluding mine of course. He catches my eye for a second, as though he can hear my thoughts,
but it only lasts half a second before he’s looking straight through me again. His lips return to Minnie’s eagerly, and
she makes no protest.

My god, get a room. My grip tightens on
my pencil.

In the meantime, Miss Sharpe has turned purple.

“Stop it! Alec, you unhand her this very moment!”
She marches towards them, a snarl curling her lips.

The loved up pair pay no ear to her.

A metallic taste fills my mouth, indicating that I’ve been gnawing at my lip too
much. Why won’t he just let her go? I growl a little under
my breath, frustrated by the situation. He’s such a freaking manwh0r£!

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