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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 55
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“Get out both of you!”
Miss Sharpe’s shriek is ear-splitting


“Yes miss!”
Alec whoops, finally breaking off from his booty call.

He lifts the smug Minnie up into a straddling
position around his waist, continuing to kiss her as they both leave the class

. A sigh of jealousy ricochets around
the room. He sure does know how to put on a good show.

By the looks of it, they won’t be turning up at
detention, and I think Miss Sharpe knows it too, judging by her furious expression. I sigh, and turn back to my studying- eyeing up the words wearily. No use fretting
over Alec right now. I can apologise later, once I’ve got my assessment out of the way.
God, I’m such a nerd sometimes it’s not even funny.

So how’d it go then?” Violet asks me through a mouthful of pesto pasta, “How did your test go?” We’re sat in the
corner of the library again, eating amongst the shelves of paperbacks.

Unlike the movies, our library is definitely not
a hook up point. Nope. In fact, I don’t think most of the populars have even set foot in this room. It houses nerds only, and there aren’t even that many of those.

“Okay, I guess?” I say shrugging. “I mean it’s philosophy- an easy A. But some of the questions were quite hard, yeah.” My fingers stroke the spines of the books nearest to me, but I don’t take any notice of the titles.

My mind is far too distracted for that. I still don’t really know what happened at that party last night, but I told Viole the best part of what I knew earlier today in

Chemistry. She was eager to hear the details, as always, so I think my vague story disappointed her. She was just
as confused as me about the whole stairs story though.

I mean, how could I fall down the stairs, be knocked
unconscious and not remember anything, without the faintest mark or bump on my head? Alec called me lucky,
but I still think he lied to me. Something’s just plain off about that story: it’s a physical impossibility for me to
lose my memory without any indication of a fall.

“That’s cool. You’ll do well, no doubt,”
Violet smiles,
taking another forkful of her pasta. Did I mention that Violet is a vegetarian? Yeah, she wants to be a vet when
she’s older: she adores animals.

Such a softie under that hard core exterior.

A moment of silence passes as we
both continue to eat, before suddenly Violet gasps. “Oh!”
She exclaims, “I meant to ask you something! I’ve only just remembered. God I’m so forgetful… Anyway, what
are you up to on Friday night?”
“Nothing much, why?”
“Well I have an idea of something you could do.”
She smiles to herself mysteriously, and my eyes narrow.

What’s she up to now? I know she’s my best friend but that does not mean that I trust her for one second.

Anything but. “You see,” She explains, “A friend of a
friend is looking for a date this Friday night- “
Here we go.

“Violet, you know I’m not the dating type,” I cut in with a
m0an, “I just want to be single for a while, okay? I’m
I shrug, sitting back down against the shelves and leaning my head against the thicker novels. What I
tell her is completely true: I’m socially awkward, I don’t wear dresses and I’m definitely not the prettiest pansy in
the bunch- I’m not really ideal date material am I? Plus, I have all this studying to do and the new seasons of Teen Wolf is starting on Friday: I definitely do not want to miss
me some Colton Haynes and Daniel Sharman. Drool.

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