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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 57
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I need to apologise to Alec.

♜A L E C R Y D E R♜

“Yes man! F-----g pay up,”
Chase smirks, holding out his hand to a sulking Joe. Joe glares up at him for a second.

Sore loser, man. Serves him right for betting against me.

I smile smugly as he pulls out a slim leather wallet, pulling a few crisp, beautiful notes from the pocket and placing them in my hand reluctantly, and then another
few into Chase’s. I snatch them up immediately, shaking my head and tutting. “You had it coming there bro.

You just wasted fifty bucks on a game that it was so obvious that I was going to win.”
I smirk. Dylan and I decided to play a round of foosball. Somewhere along the way, it became a match. Joe bet fifty dollars for Dylan to win, and now it’s coming back to bite his sorry, sorry a-s.

I don’t lose to anybody.

“Oh shut the hell up Ryder. Dylan’s on the football team, the soccer team and is amazingly talented at practically
everything known to man. The odds weren’t exactly in your favour.”
Joe defends.

“I know, guess that’s why the girls want me. I defeat all the odds,”
I wink, “Girls like surprises.”
“My man,”
Chase whoops beside me, slapping my hand in a fist bump.

Dylan just rolls his eyes and sticks his
middle finger up at me, to which I grin wickedly back at him. At the moment, all four of us are hanging out in
Dylan’s basement- like we do most nights after school.

I haven’t been living here long, but I’ve picked up on enough to know that Dylan is filthy rich from his father, even though he never sees the man himself.

His basement is like the ultimate bachelor pad: filled with video games, a huge plasma TV alongside shelves of DVD’s.

Not only is there that stuff though, but there’s also a few training machines. I guess Dylan uses those a lot,
he must do to get to the level he’s at today.

“So, want to crack open a few beers then?”
Dylan offers,
reaching into the cooler for the cans. He passes them along one by one, and I relax as I hold the cold metal in my hand. Gulping down the refreshing liquid quickly, I don’t stop until I’ve drained all the remnants.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for hours: my day has been positively shitty.

After Riley basically admitted that she’s
embarrassed of me, I got into a major state of PMSing and it s----d balls.

Tiffany or whatever her name was
helped a little bit- a pretty blonde who kissed like a f-----g pro, but by the time I was in Chemistry and I saw Riley again I really needed a distraction.

Minnie was perfect, but I got kicked out of class. When Mom finds out she’s
going to kill me, and probably spit on my ashes. I sigh.

“What’s up bro?” Joe asks me curiously, taking a sip from his own can, “You’ve been moody since this morning, and you’ve just chugged that can like it’s a life line.” The others turn to me then to see what the fuss is about. I
shake my head and mutter ‘nothing’ before turning to Dylan for another beer. He passes me one without
question, his eyes watching me curiously as I chug from yet another can.

By now I’m beginning to feel the slightly
buzzed feeling.

“Did something happen with Riley? She just sent me a text asking where you are. She said she needs to talk to you,”
Joe says to me. My jaw tightens as the words

She texted him about me? I don’t want to talk to her. Screw being the bigger man. I groan as I realise my thought stream. I sound like a f-----g pansy. I should probably go to the restroom to check if I still have a penis.

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