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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 58
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“Ryder, what’s happened between you two?”
Chase demands, “Don’t keep stuff from us, man. We can help.”

“I gave her a lift to school this morning,”
I scowl in remembrance, “She stopped me early and said some s--t
about not wanting to walk in with me or something.”
My grip tightens on the can, collapsing it in on itself a little bit.
I know I’m a bad influence scarring her image or whatever, but did she have to make it so f-----g painful to tell me?

“Are you sure she wasn’t thinking of you instead of herself?” Dylan says carefully, “Riley’s pretty self- conscious, despite what she wants people to think. She
probably didn’t want to embarrass you.”
“But why would she think that?”
I growl in frustration. It was my decision to make, not hers. She shouldn’t think that: I was fine with walking in with her. Why wasn’t the
feeling mutual? I feel bad enough for tainting the seemingly perfect Riley.

After all, if it wasn’t for me, she
wouldn’t have gone to the party and had her drink spiked.

I felt so bad that I let her sleep the night at my
place: it was probably the least I could do, but she makes
me act like a frigging girl. I shake my head to clear my thoughts, taking another few gulps from my can. Ugh, I
don’t want to think about this.

“I agree with Dylan. It sounds like Riley to do, despite how silly it is.”
Joe adds thoughtfully. I clench my jaw and run a hand through my hair. She’s so infuriating.

Why would she be that stupid? I thought she was clever.

I groan, “Can we please just f-----g drop it?”

“Do you like her?”
Chase asks me, propping his feet up on the coffee table, “Is that why you’re so angry?” My
jaw drops at the question and I give Chase a blank stare.

Is he f-----g serious? I’m angry and hurt, and he takes
that as me liking her? She’s cute and sweet and all, but
not my type. Plus, she basically threw any compliment
I’ve ever given her back into my face when she said she
was embarrassed of me.

“Are you serious?”
I bark a laugh, but it seems a little forced. “My type is leggy blondes remember?”

“It’s okay to have a crush, Alec.”
Chase replies dryly, draining the remnants of a can.

“She’s pretty, right? I don’t blame you for liking her, if you do that is.

Sometimes playing around just gets a little tedious.

Maybe you need to settle down.”
He shrugs. Joe turns to
me curiously, absorbing my reaction. I scoff at Chase’s statement, shaking my head furiously. “I don’t like her,
I’ve told you! Look, can we please drop it?”
I turn to Dylan, “Pass me another beer bro.”

“I don’t think you should have any more Alec. You need to get home, remember?”

I glare at Dylan, my eyes narrowing into slits.

A low growl escapes my lips. These guys get me into such a pissy mood, and now they won’t even let me relax?
That’s it. “Fine,” I snarl, “I’ll get my own ride home.” I
hook my phone from my pocket, scrolling down the contacts until I find a suitable option. Tiana Cooper.

Queen Bee, school s--t, however you want to put it.

She’s hot, definitely, and she slipped me her number in Math on my second day here.

Might as well get some use out of it: I could do with a stress reliever.

I smirk and dial the number. “Hello?” Her voice comes from the other side of the line.

“Tiana? This is Alec. Want to come back to mine for a while?”


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