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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 59
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“No, no, no Edward! You can’t do that to Bella!”
I groan,

“The clingy b---h will mope for the entire movie if you do.”[/b] Ugh, Bella Swan. You have the personality of a sock.

I grumble under my breath, taking a few more skittles from the packet. Believe me, this is not how I want to spend my Tuesday nights: cooped up on Alec’s couch,
eating skittles and watching New Moon like a love struck pre-teen girl. I’m missing a Sherlock episode for this.

Millie was in bed before I even arrived, luckily for me, so the only work I need to do there is check up on her every once in a while. Doesn’t change the fact that I’d prefer to
be at home though.

Alec wasn’t here when I arrived. Marie told me he had gone to Dylan’s house straight from school, along with the rest of the boys. I sent Joe a few texts, but the message I got from his replies was clear: Alec doesn’t
want to talk to me. I guess I royally screwed up this time.

I don’t know, maybe he just needs a break away from me.

I did say something pretty hurtful to him, even if I didn’t mean it. I just wish he would’ve given me the time to explain. I didn’t want to hurt him, honestly.

I curl up further into the couch, shoving another handful of skittles into my mouth.

My obsession with these
things is unhealthy. I should be obese by the amount I eat. Suddenly I hear a noise, like a rattle of keys, disturbing me from my thoughts. Is Marie home? I
freeze, listening again. There’s a thud, another jangle and a load groan.

By this point I’m beginning to get scared. It
isn’t a burglar is it? I wince as another loud bang ricochets throughout the room, pausing the movie and scanning
around quickly for a weapon. Something practical I mean, not a toothbrush or something stupid like the girls
grab in the films.

You know, before they get their insides

It’s not long before the house is completely silent, apart from the noises coming from the front door clear as day.

I hold a can of air freshener in my hand, stepping cautiously towards the noise. My heart is in my mouth, my stomach constricting in apprehension. If the burglar
does anything, I can spray him in the eyes. I try to comfort myself. Then I knock him out with a frying pan and call the cops.

I take a deep breath as the door rattles again, my hands shaking with nerves. I’m like a freaking James Bond.

I shake my head, and wince as the door
finally opens. It creaks slowly, torturing me with
suspense. I raise the can of air freshener in front of me.


I scream, spraying the can and closing my eyes.

Oh my god. A voice curses in front of me, and I let out another yelp of fear as they stumble back. I’ve just sprayed a burglar in the eyes! What if he kills me? I need to dial 911.

My heart races at what feels like a million miles an hour, but my feet stay rooted firmly to the floor in fear. “Jesus
Christ! What are you trying to do, blind me?”
A familiar voice shouts.

My heart stops as I realise who it is, my
jaw slacking.
Oh s--t.
I open my eyes and sure enough, Alec is coughing and fanning the air around him blindly, his eyes squinted shut. He hasn’t seen me yet. With a warlike yell, I catapult
up the stairs and into the first room I see, which happens to be Alec’s, seeing as its right across the hallway.

What do I do? If he sees me then he’ll know it was me for sure!

Crap. I curse silently, diving underneath his bed. His floor his hard and the impact is incredibly painful, not to mention how dusty it is under here, but it’s either this or
being murdered by Alec. I know which one I’d prefer.

I hold my breath to keep from coughing. I feel like I’m in a horror movie, and my god is it terrifying. I hear his footsteps heading up the stairs. “Whoever you are, you
better show your face right now, or I’m calling the cops,”

Alec’s voice threatens as he steps onto the landing, “I’ll get your a-s landed in jail quicker than you can say ‘Guilty’.” I gasp a little at this, cringing into the hardwood
of the floor. He’s going to spot me, it’s inevitable, and this is going to be one awkward conversation.

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