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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 60
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Well any hopes of making up with him are out of the window now.

Slowly, I crawl out from under the bed. This could not get any worse. My cheeks are painted a furious red.

Why do I get myself into these godforsaken situations?!

Cringing, I accidentally knock the bureau on my
completely ungraceful exit. The noise makes a loud bang and I wince, knowing there’s no hope left for me now.

No more than a second later, Alec sprints into the room with a frying pan held in the ready. I stumble backwards, but luckily his eyes land on me before any serious damage is done. “Riley?” Alec’s angry eyes become wide and confused, before hardening over again. “What the
hell are you doing in my house?!”

“Ooh okay, skipping the pleasantries then I see,”
I wince at his tone of voice, standing up from my crouch.

Alec just glares at me in reply, the frying pan still held threateningly in his hand. “I was erm, kind of babysitting.

I heard these um, noises outside and I figured it was a burglar so I grabbed the y’know air conditioner and-“

“Almost blinded me?”
Alec finishes angrily, “Jesus Riley!
At least double check it IS a burglar before you spring into attack mode!”
His eyes are stormy, and he turns away from me in anger. The muscles are tense in his
back, like wires pulled taut underneath his skin. Oh I’ve really done it this time.

“Can I just ask something?”
I say in a small voice, “Why did it take you so long to open the door? I honestly did

think it was a burglar, the amount of noise you were making.”
Alec sighs at my question, turning around to
face me with physically drained features. He opens his mouth to speak, but before he has a chance to my mouth decides to explode. “Alec I’m really sorry about
this morning- I honestly didn’t mean it like that. It’s just I knew that I would damage your reputation if you walked
in with me, and I’m quite aware of how big of a status difference there is. I didn’t want to embarrass you…I’ve done it to people before, and it’s just painful for them and
me both okay? I was trying to help, do you a favour, whatever. The point is-“
“I get it. You’re sorry.”
Alec sighs, “Let’s just forget this
ever happened okay? It was stupid anyway.”
My eyes bug out as I realise what he’s saying, and butterflies
explode in my stomach. I shouldn’t be so happy about this sudden change but I am. Looks like I haven’t lost Alec
Ryder after all. I open my mouth to talk, but quickly close it again and envelope Alec into a hug instead. Actions speak louder than words after all. He chuckles against me, but hugs me back all the same. It’s one of those
awkwardly sweet moments that everyone cringes at in the movies, but its suits me just fine. Well, until someone
decides to interrupt it.

A voice shrieks from downstairs, “Where are you

I let go of Alec as the realisation hits me. That voice is female. Alec has brought someone home with him.

I stumble backwards, heat flooding my cheeks. He’s brought a girl back with him, and I was just hugging him.

I’m acting like a foolish girl, just another fly caught into the bad boy’s spider’s web. God, how could I ever
be so stupid? He’s a manwh0r£, I need to be careful.

As if rubbing it in my face, the girl from downstairs shouts up again. “I got the condoms from the store down the road!
Are you ready yet?”

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