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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 62
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“Are you coming, Riley?”
Dylan asks me, holding open the door. I nod, turning away from Alec and his irresistible smile and walking into the corridor. “We might
as well go to the library, seeing as it’s just downstairs.”

Dylan explains, and I nod, clutching my books to my chest.

“So what plans have you got?”
Dylan asks me, digging me in the ribs playfully. One minute he’s laughing at me,
the next he’s being all sweet and flirty. I think Dylan is taking after Alec.

“I’m going on a blind date,” I reply, jogging down the stairs.

I glance back up to see that Dylan’s eyebrows are raised and he looks impressed, if a little surprised. Wow,
is it that shocking that I actually have a social life? I guess so, seeing as most of the time I don’t. Yup, I’m one of
those awful people that lie about what their mum has said when someone asks them out, just so they don’t
have to go outdoors and face people. Don’t judge meh.

“Who with?” Dylan asks me, and I give him a blank look.

“Dumb question,” He grins, “Forget I asked.” We reach
the library and I quickly find a seat at one of the studying tables, Dylan following suit. The maths book lies in front of me and I stare dubiously at it. I hate maths with a burning passion.

“So what is it you don’t understand?”
Dylan asks me.

I chuckle nervously in reply, “Well you know. All of it?”

Dylan laughs, shaking his head. “Okay, let’s start with the basics then.” His finger points me to the beginning of the

first page and his mouth opens to speak.

I interrupt him by gasping in shock horror.

“Are you calling me stupid Dylan Merrick?” He rolls his eyes at me, muttering’ drama queen’ under his breath,
but he’s smiling. I guess Angel boy has a sense of humour.

Good to know. Maybe this won’t be so boring
after all.

“Okay, so have you ever heart about the rule of Indices?' X to the power of 5y 6…you’ve covered that I assume?”
On second thoughts, maybe not.
“Riley, sit still!”
Violet hisses at me, swinging the straighteners to the side so as to narrowly miss my ear.

I frown; glaring at the red hot thing like it’s an iron waiting to scold me.

Oh wait, look at that. It is an iron that could potentially melt my flesh. What a surprise.

Violet shoots me a disapproving look, shifting my head so that I face the front again, staring into my moody reflection. “Stay still.” She orders me as she moves onto the next layer of hair. I’m already dressed, thank gosh,
because we’d be running majorly late if I wasn’t. We’re late enough as it is, thank you very much.

I don’t even care about my hair- did it not look nice enough before?

“I’m almost done,” Violet says, as if reading my thoughts.

Her dark lipstick lips curve into a small smile at
the thought. She’s clipped the top few layers of my hair back, creating what she likes to call ‘a waterfall’. You’d
think I was going to a wedding rather than a date, with the amount she’s putting into this. Heck, she’s a million more times excited about this than I am…It was a
struggle to even get me to go. As it is, I have my doubts.

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