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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 65
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“Riley wait!”
Toby calls after me, but I’ve taken off sprinting hard and fast. I need to escape. I shove the door open and rush out into the chilly night, dodging diners making their way into the restaurant. I can feel my
eyes stinging, but I refuse to cry. Not now, not in front of him.

His feet patter behind me, and I know that he’s closing in. Stupid damned quarterback.

I need to get away, to escape the thoughts worming their way inside
my mind. To escape the memories. Does he not
understand that? I don’t want to see him. It hurts too much, and definitely not for the reason you’d first think.

“Riley, stop!”
A hand clamps around my shoulder, bringing me to a skidding halt, before I’m forcefully turned around.

Toby stands way too close for my liking,
staring into my eyes in disbelief, as though he can’t believe that I’d want to run away from him. Pah. I flinch away, and hurt flickers in his eyes. Does he not see that he’s hurting me just by standing here?

“What is it Riley? We used to be so close.” His voice cracks on the last
word, and that’s how I know that he feels it too. Her presence.

But she’s not really here. It wasn’t me you
were close to! I want to scream at him. Please just leave me alone! “I moved back!” Toby defends, seeing my face,

“I need another chance. Please let me in.”

“It’s too late Toby,”
My voice comes out a little stronger than I expected, but feeble all the same. I feel fragile.

Like a piece of glass waiting to shatter. It hurts so much.

Too much. “You’re too late. You stamped on the tiny remains of my heart, and then you left. You left. There’s no going
back now.”
I turn on my heel to walk away, but he grips onto my forearm to prevent me from leaving. How dare
he?! I spin around and shoot him an icy glare, until he finally releases me, looking reluctant. “Don’t even try and
stop me from leaving Toby! You left, remember? Didn’t
give a s--t about the rest of us. How can you come back now, asking for another chance, after all you’ve done?”

The guy has the nerve to look ashamed, after all of this time. “I had to! I would have broken…I couldn’t do it. It
was my escape.”
He won’t meet my eye, but his face is scrunched in pain.

“That’s right,” I whisper, placing my finger in the centre of his chest. “You would have broken, just like the rest of
us did. Just like I did. And what did you do before you left? You burnt the remains of my already broken heart,
and I haven’t heard from you since. Don’t speak to me ever again Toby.”
I release him and take a step back,
staring at him in disgust and hurt. I can hear the sob gathering in the back of my throat, but I refuse to give him the satisfaction of crying. Be stone Riley. Cold, hard,
untouchable stone.

“I’m joining your school,” He frowns at the floor before looking up at me hopefully, “I want to make things as
they were. I made a mistake.”

I laugh bitterly in reply to that, “Too right you did! It’s a shame for you that I’m not one to give second chances.

You demolished my trust for you nine months ago, Toby Charlton.

Just go back to where you came from
and stay there. I don’t need you here.”
And this time, I turn on my heel and walk away, leaving Toby stood behind me with the wounds of my words.

I walk as quickly as I can, despite the fact that I know he’s not following this time.

“I’ll win your heart again Riley Greene,” He shouts after
me, “Just you wait and see. I may have screwed up, but I’ll make it up to you.

Then you and I will be together
again. The way it’s supposed to be.”
I don’t look back, but my teeth are gnawing so hard into my lip that they’re
drawing blood. “See you at school!” He has the nerve to

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