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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 69
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“I feel honoured,”
I tease, elbowing him a little in the ribs.

He grins back at me.

“So are you going to tell me what was wrong now? I brought you here, to my thinking space,”
Alec gestures
at the scenery, “So it’s time to tell me why you were crying. It’s only obligatory.”
I bite my lip. I should tell him, but it’s difficult. It’s not like I broadcast this often.

Seeing my conflicted expression,
Alec brushes his shoulder against mine and smiles. “I’m waiting.” His voice is teasing, but at the same time there’s
an undertone of curiosity. He really does care. You should tell him. It’s not like it’s a secret or anything anyway.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” I warn him. “Seriously, you’ll
probably think I’m being melodramatic or something.”

“Just spit it out Riley.”
He leans back to rest on his elbows,

staring out at the railway line. My god, he’s good looking.

Why is he so gorgeous? It shouldn’t be allowed. I look like a fugly hobbit in comparison.
“When I was thirteen, a boy moved to town.”
I begin.

My voice is slightly shaky with nerves, but other than that I feel fine. I trust him. Just about. “His name was Toby,
and he was my first real crush.”
I glance down at the grass, blushing a little. “He was in most of my classes,
and he was really sweet to me.

It was only natural that
we became friends. Our mum’s became close, and one thing led to another and finally one day, Toby asked me to be his girlfriend. And I said yes.”
The last word comes

out as a sigh.

“I guess you could say we were childhood sweethearts in a sense.

We were closer than close. I loved it: he was
my best friend, and I thought we were going to marry when we were older: we were the perfect match.

Our parents adored our relationship too,”
The tender smile drops from my face as I struggle to curve my lips
around the next words. “Around a year ago however,
something big happened. It was hard for me, harder than I could ever describe, but I wasn’t the only one affected by it- Toby was too. A few months passed and we were both in bad places. Toby decided to use this bad
place against me and he had s-x with another girl.

The girl got pregnant, had an abortion, and he moved away to Chicago about 6 months ago. She was sixteen.”

“Wait…what big thing happened to cause all of that?”

I shoot him a warning look, and he successfully shuts up, although I can feel his curiosity bubbling beneath his sealed lips.

I’m not ready to tell him that part.

I take a deep breath and continue, hoping to distract him.

“I went on a blind date tonight…Violet planned for me to meet at the Elephant Bar with a friend of a friend. He was
new to town, wanted some company, and I figured what the hell. I turned up, however, and it was him.

Toby Charlton. He’s moved back here, and he wants another chance…”
I trail off, picking at a piece of grass.

“And he means it, that’s the scary part. He’s joined our school again and everything.”
I chuckle bitterly, “I’m
scared. I don’t want to forgive him, but I have the feeling that I’m going to fall weak at the knees.”

Alec looks at me for a little while, and the silence envelopes us. It’s like he’s trying to absorb the information, get a better grip on what I’ve just told him.

“I won’t let you,”
Alec says finally, “He’s a b-----d, and he
doesn’t deserve another shot, Riley. Don’t stoop down to his level.”
Alec’s face grows hard with determination, and
suddenly he’s speaking a little more quickly and surely.

“We’ll have to make sure you avoid him at all costs.

Keep you out of his sight, and maybe he’ll drop it. I don’t really know much about these things, but I won’t let him hurt
you. None of the guys will. We’ll keep an eye on him.”

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