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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 70
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I smile without meeting Alec’s eyes, turning away from him to stare at the scenery. I don’t want him
to see the guilt and hurt in my eyes. He thinks I’ve told him everything. If only he knew half of the story.

“You’re welcome,”
Alec replies, he sighs a little, his eyes trailing over the scenery.

“I much prefer this place to
Arizona y’know. Memories and stuff I guess. This place is just so much nicer than my last house.”

“Whereabouts did you live before you moved back here then?”

“In the middle of nowhere,”
Alec smiles, as if that’s all the answer I need. “What time is it?”

I check my watch, “It’s about eight thirty.”

“We best get you home. Wouldn’t want your mom to sniff us out, huh?”
Alec stands up, brushing the dust from his jeans, and offering me a hand up.

Wow, Alec Ryder is acting like a gentleman. I gratefully take the hand,
only for it to be pulled away quickly, meaning I fall back on my butt painfully. I probably should have expected that.

Alec keels over, laughing at me, to which I scowl.


But he just keeps on laughing. Stupid jerkface.


“You know, I don’t get why girls like this film so much,”

Alec comments, staring at the credits of The Notebook with a disapproving expression. “ SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERTI mean, they both die! How is that fun to
watch in the slightest? Why would girls want to cry?

He reaches into the bag of popcorn, pouting when he realises that it’s empty.

At the moment, we’re in my room watching the notebook on my little TV. I started watching it as soon as I got home,
but Alec got interested too, seeing me through the window, and so clambered into my room over the gap.

Needless to say, I called him a stalker and threw popcorn
at his face.

“I guess it’s for the same reason that a lot of people like horror movies,”
I shrug. “You don’t necessarily want to
be scared senseless; you just watch it because you want to.

Girls like The Notebook because it’s romantic.”
I sit up straighter, brushing popcorn debris from my lap. “Plus Ryan Gosling is quite literally one of the hottest men alive.

That too.”

“Hotter than me?”
Alec wriggles his eyebrows, making kissy faces at me.


“Are you kidding me?”
I laugh, “No competition.

He’s the clear winner.”

“Do you expect me to believe that for a second princess?”

Alec gestures down at himself, “Don’t deny that you want yourself a slice of this pie.”

“I prefer Apple, thanks.”

“Again with the denial. Tut tut. Hasn’t anyone ever told you that it’s naughty to lie, Riley?”

“Hasn’t anyone told you that modesty is an admirable trait, Alec?”
I mock him in a funny voice.

“How can you be modest, and look like this? Physical impossibility princess.”

“I’ll show you a physical impossibility.”
I mutter under my breath, scowling.

Alec stares at me for a long time before finally saying, “I think you want to bang me.”
I do.

Wait, what?!

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