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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 72
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Seeing me straightening up, Alec sets Millie back on her feet, a small smirk on his face. “So squirt, what do you
want to do now? What about the park?”

Millie’s eyes light up at the word and she nods excitedly.

“I want to go to the park! Please can we go to the park and get ice creams Alec?”[/b] Alec looks up at me for confirmation first, checking to see if I’m okay with it.

Why wouldn’t I be? I grin and put my hands up in surrender.

“It’s okay with me.”

“Then let’s go,”
Alec bends down and smiles at Millie, “Go get your coat and converse on and wait by the door, kay
squirt? Maybe I’ll buy ice cream if you’re quick.”
Millie beams excitedly, before darting off upstairs to grab a
jacket. Alec straightens, glancing over at me with a small half smile. “Beanies suit you.” And with that, he jogs to
go and grab something from the kitchen, leaving me paralysed in the hallway.

Did Alec just compliment me?

Aw d--n, where’s a voice recorder when you need one?

After a second, Alec returns, sliding some loose change into his pocket. He’s holding a packet of skittles in his hand, and when he catches me staring at them he
wriggles his eyebrows. “Wanna taste the rainbow, Riley?”
Well, if you insist…

Joking, guys. Seriously, joking. I just want the skittles.

“I’d rather not thanks,”
I wink at Alec.

“Lying to yourself again, huh Riley? You ready to leave?”

He asks me, and I nod, deciding not to comment on the compliment he gave to me. Millie clomps down the stairs wearing an adorable denim jacket with some tiny pink
converse. A wide eyed (and rather creepy) baby doll is cradled in her arms. “Is Alicia coming too?” Alec asks Millie. He says it in a reluctant way, so I’m assuming that
the creepy doll’s name is Alicia.

Millie nods, “Of course Alec. What kind of a mummy would I be if I left her here?” She says it so seriously that I crack up laughing, which earns me a small scowl from
Alec. Ah bless, Millie is too d--n cute for her own good.

She watches me laughing for a little while, before she begins to giggle along with me. It’s obvious she has no
idea what we’re laughing about: she’s following my example, but it annoys Alec all the same.

He glares over at me, pulling a dark varsity jacket over his shirt and chinos.

A pair of black converse shield his feet, similar to my own white pair.

Even Millie is wearing some.

“Look, “
I walk over to him, pointing at our feet and Millie’s, “We match!”

“You’re so weird,”
He chuckles, “But yes, we do match.

Shall we go now?”
I nod my head in affirmation and he opens the front door for us to leave. Millie is first out;
obviously, with her baby Alicia staring freakily ahead with glassy blue eyes.

The park isn’t too far from our houses,
literally a few streets away so we decide to walk.

We could take my car, but the struggle for Millie’s booster
seat would just be an unnecessary pain in the a-s. I linger a little bit in the front yard and grab Millie’s free hand,
waiting for Alec to lock the front door.

Once he’s done,
we all turn right on the sidewalk and head down the
street towards the park. Alec opens the packet, offering me some of the skittles.

I take the blue one and pop it in my mouth, grinning.

“The blue one? What are you, a smurf? Everyone knows red is the best.”
Alec says to me, shoving a handful into
his mouth. I scowl at him distastefully. Everyone loves
the red ones, but the blue ones dye your tongue and how much more fun is THAT? I mean, c’mon, who
doesn’t want a smurf tongue? “I beg to differ,” I chime,
shoving a few more blue skittles into my mouth. “Blue is just so much cooler.”

“I’ve got red, you’ve got blue…Wanna make purple?”

Alec winks, leaning in to make kissy noises in my ear.

I squeal a little bit and shift away, throwing a skittle at him in defence. I have incredibly sensitive ears. It’s my weak
spot. I watch sadly, as the poor defenceless green skittle hits him on the nose, before falling to the floor with a

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