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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 73
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“You’re a waste of skittles,”
I huff, “Stop hitting on me,

“Hitting on you?”
Alec raises an eyebrow, “I don’t need to
hit on girls to make them fall at my feet.”

“Cocky b-----d,”
I mutter.

“I’m sorry, what was that Riley?” Alec teases, “Something
about my c--k? Don’t worry girl. I can assure you that it’s nice and b-”

“I don’t want to know!”
I yelp, shoving the packet of skittles in front of his mouth to block what he was going to say.

I’m an innocent child. Still very innocent, sue me.

Alec laughs from behind the skittles packet, and I scowl at him, covering Millie’s ears. “There are two pairs of very
innocent ears walking besides you,”
Iwarn him,

“Be aware of that, okay?” He winks in reply.

“So do you come to the park often?” I ask him awkwardly, attempting to change the subject.

Alec snorts a little at my obvious gesture, “Well I’ve only been living here a few weeks Riley.”

“Oh shut up, you know what I meant.”
I stick my tongue out at him, showing off my blue smurfiness. sU-Ck on
that, red boy.

Bet your tongue doesn’t look that cool.

“I used to take Millie to the park every week to get ice cream, back in our old house. Guess the tradition continued.”
Alec shrugs, shoving another skittle into his mouth.

Millie still skips ahead, talking quietly to her dolly as she does. I think she’s singing to it.

“Isn’t that the sweetest?”
I tease. “Every weekend? What
an adorable big bro you are.”

“Ugh, don’t call me that,”
Alec groans beside me, “Makes me sound like a p---y.”

I grin mischievously. “You look like one too.”

Alec stares at me. “I think you’d better start running.”

I grin and jog to catch up with Millie. “Quick!” I tell her,
“Alec is the mean monster and he’s trying to catch us!
We need to run away!”
Millie gasps at the news, abandoning her singing and grabbing my hand.

Together we run (well, jogging for me, running for Millie) down the sidewalk as fast as we can. Alec is making monster
noises behind us, playing along, and Millie squeals as she hears him getting closer.

After a second of running however, Millie is yanked away from me and ‘eaten’ by Alec. I can hear her giggling loudly as Alec tickles her.

“Run Riley!”
She screams, and this time I really do run.

It doesn’t take long for Alec to catch me though.

He grabs me by the waist, hitting my ticklish spot and pretends to take a bite out of my shoulder.

“Delicious,” He grins, and I swat him on the chest.

“Hey Millie, you want a piggyback?”
Alec asks Millie,
who’s attached herself back to me again.
Millie’s head snaps up at Alec’s voice and she nods eagerly, letting go of my hand as he crouches down into
position. I can’t help but be a little bit disappointed at our
loss of contact, but the adorable sight makes up for it.

She clambers onto his back, wrapping her legs and arms around him like a little monkey, her dolly hanging from
her hands.

Now that’s cuteness. Alec straightens up, not
even showing the tiniest hint of effort, and I roll my eyes.

Macho show-off. “Want to race?” Alec wriggles his eyebrows at me, “I bet I can still beat you, even with
Millie on my back.”

“You’re on,”
I grin, feeling incredibly confident. Fat chance that he’ll be able to beat me with her on his back,
especially if she drops her dolly. No doubt if she does, she’ll want Alec to stop and pick it up. He hasn’t got a
chance in hell. Plus I used to be on the track team.

Enough said, methinks. I have a right to be confident.

“First one to the park gates wins.”

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