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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 74
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Alec smirks back at me. “Three…two…one…Go!”

We bolt down the road, sprinting hard down the flat tarmac. No doubt there are people watching us, thinking we’re crazy, but I don’t give a sugar really. Through the
wind on my face, I can feel my eyes stinging and watering, but it’s kind of a nice feeling. I’ve always liked running, although I’m more of a sprint girl than I am long
distance. Millie’s cheers and screams from Alec’s back are both funny and exciting, egging me on further. I’m no
more than twenty metres from the gates now, and already Alec is falling back.

And here he thought he was
going to win. I used to be on the track team, and I’m incredibly competitive.

Put them together: we both know
you haven’t got a chance.

Just saying.

I reach the gates with a whoop of victory, turning just in time to see Alec arrive too.

Millie slides off his back as he
kneels down, and he’s panting just a little, glaring at my feet so as to refuse looking me in the eye. “What was that
bet again Ryder?”
I tease, hopping around happily.

Millie joins in, giggling with exhilaration. Her little cheeks are flushed red with excitement, her hair fluffy and ruffled by
the wind. I offer her a high five, and she slaps it

“Shut up Greene,” Alec grumbles, grabbing Millie’s hand to lead her into the park. In all honesty, he did do really
well, considering he had a 4 year old on his back.

Unfortunately his strength was just not enough for my ninja speed. Besides, a small kick in his ego wouldn’t hurt him.

It might mean that his balloon sized head shrinks a little and that can’t be a bad thing. As Millie spots the swings and slides, she lets out an excited gasp, bolting towards them as fast as she can. Grumpy pants still won’t look me in the eye. What is it with men and their
pride, eh? He’s pouting like a little kid.

“Oh don’t be such a sore loser,”
I tease Alec as we slide onto a bench at the edge of the playground.

From here we have a perfect view of Millie, and by the looks of it she’s already making friends, chatting happily to another
girl her age on the climbing frame.

I wish it was that easy for teenagers, sometimes. “She’s really not shy is she?”

Alec chuckles under his breath. I shake my head in reply, smiling. Gosh, we’re acting like her parents.

My gaze is soon caught by the skateboarders though, the ramps to my left. There are a few boys around our age rolling expertly down the ramps, and I can’t help but long to be over there too.

Not to mention how some of them are pretty good looking. I’m actually semi-decent at
skateboarding, but I haven’t done it in a while. I sigh, turning back to glance over at Millie and check that she’s

“What’s up?”
Alec asks me curiously, glancing over at the skateboarders to see what I was looking at.

One of the boys glances over at us, showing a spark of interest.

He nods mutely to Alec, a sign of respect, and Alec returns it.

Typical awkward guys. I fight the urge to roll my eyes.

After a second of staring however, the boy motions to his couple of mates and they begin to head over.

My stomach shifts nervously, but I can’t help but be a little bit excited that I’m going to be surrounded by hot guys.

Not like it’s every day is it?

“Alright mate?” The boy grins at Alec. He’s quite good looking- with dark curly hair and a lip piercing.

Not really my type (more Violet’s), but I’d imagine that anybody would find him attractive- he’s definitely cute. The others
are also good looking from the looks of it, but they’re busy rolling around on their skateboards for me to pay
much attention to facial features, so I just pay attention to
him instead.

His eyes twinkle green as he notices me, and
he swiftly throws me a wink that makes me blush and look down at my lap. Well this is awkward.

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