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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 76
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I say in a singsong voice, “PMSing princess, it’s
time to stop ignoring Riley.”

“You should be thanking me,”
He grunts, “I saved you from that pig.” His arms are crossed.

The resemblance between him and a spoilt pouty kid right now is astonishing.

He is acting like a fat kid whose been banned
from chocolate. (And trust me, I know that face very well, having pulled it a few times before).

“Saved me?”
I c--k an eyebrow. “Oh, noble Alec, however can I repay you for stealing me away from the
cute skateboarding guy who wanted my number.”
I made sure to put extra emphasis on the last four words.

It’s not every day that cute guys want your number!

“Drama queen. He wasn’t good looking, and he was a pig. You don’t need him.”
Well I beg to differ, personally.

“Besides, when you were going down the ramps, all he was talking about was your a-s.”

“And who can blame him?”
I joke, winking at Alec. He just shoots me a blank stare in reply, and I roll my eyes.

“Okay seriously Alec? I was kidding. Kid. ding.

You are such a grumpy guts right now, I can’t even describe.

Whatever, I’m going to go and see Millie.”
I straighten up from my crouch and head over to the swings and slides,
where Millie is playing with her newfound friend. Both of the girls looks up at me when I come up, and Millie offers me a big grin.

“This is Rileeee,” She tells her friend, dragging out my name happily;

“She’s my babysitter. Alec, my big bro, is
her prince charming. Aren’t you Alec?”

I spin around. I hadn’t realised that Alec was behind me.

He ignores my blushing face, cocking an eyebrow at Millie instead. “Prince charming? Oh I don’t know about
that. Riley isn’t the princess type. She’s more like a toad or a-”

“A female knight,”
I finish for him, shooting him a glare.

“I think you’ll find that Alec is the swamp monster, definitely not prince charming. Gosh no.”

“Swamp monster?”
Alec turns to me, an amused smirk curving his lips, “I should be horrified that you think of me like that k---y.” Whoa, Bipolar much? What happened
to the grumpy dwarf I left behind?
Oh my gosh. Imagine Alec as a dwarf.


“So I have something to ask you.”

My heart thuds in my chest. “What?”
No, no, no. He’s not going to ask you out. Shut up Riley.

Seriously, shut it.

“Would you like to accompany Dylan, Chase, Joe and I to the beach on Saturday?”

Not like I was expecting anything else, was it?
Stupid swamp monster.

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