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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 78
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Oh sweet baby Jesus. I don’t think my ovaries can take much more of this.

“You look like crap,”
Alec comments bluntly, pulling a shirt over his head as he heads towards the window.

Shame, really. I wouldn’t have minded staring at him for just a little bit longer. Whoa, when did I turn into such a

“Oh cheers Alec!” I drawl in a raspy voice, “You sure do know how to lighten up a girl’s day. I’m ill, dumbass.”

Alec stares at me dubiously, his eyes running up and down in a disapproving manner as he wrinkles his nose.

I want to punch him. I honestly want to punch him.

“You’re ill,”
Alec frowns, “Does that mean you’re staying off school?”

“Congrats Einstein.”

Alec ignores my sarcasm; instead a slow grin crosses his features. “I’m going to stay off with you.” I choke on my
saliva. What?! “You could do with someone to take care of you. I can’t be arsed to go to school. It’s perfect,” he
continues, smirking at my horrified expression. Did he seriously just say what I thought he said? No, he can’t
stay off with me! I don’t want him to!

“Not happening,”
I shake my head, “I’m going to lie in bed all day eating soup, and taking aspirin. You are going
to school. I can’t let you bunk off- my mom would kill me. Your mom would kill me.”

“Oh c’mon Riley, as if I’m going to listen to you anyway.

Look, whether I’m hanging out with you or not, I’m skiving today. You might as well have a person to look after you.”
Alec smirks, d--n b-----d. He already knows he’s won.

I can feel my resolve crumbling beneath me as
I glare at him. It would be better to have some company.

He’s going to skive anyway, whatever I tell him- might as well make the most of it.

Maybe he could make me soup?

Do you think he’s got anymore skittles?

I grumble, retreating from the window.

“Come at any time after 9:00. I don’t want mom to be here and see you skiving.” I can practically feel Alec’s
smug grin burning holes into my back, but I shrug it off as I head downstairs to get some aspirin and mocha.

The aspirin will hopefully get rid of my throbbing headache and the mocha…well that’s for my sanity. I’m going to
need it if I’m hanging out with Alec all day. “Hey Jack,” I murmur as I see my brother eating his cereal at the
breakfast bar. “What’s up, bro?” My voice is still raspy from my poor throat. We might have some throat lozenges in the kitchen somewhere. I’ll have to dig those

“Playing Mine craft,”
Jack replies as he concentrates heavily on the iPad in front of him, tapping the screen furiously. “I need to kill these zombies mega-quick.” He
gives a small grunt of effort as he focuses on the game,
the abandoned bowl of cereal left to become soggy on the table next to him.

“C’mon zombie slayer,”
I ruffle his hair, “Eat your breakfast. Mom’s got a big day today- you need to be
ready for school in five minutes.”

“Why haven’t you left yet Riley?”
He asks me, not moving his eyes from the game.

“I’m feeling really ill so I’m not going in to school today,” I explain, heading over to the cupboard to grab some
aspirin. Jack’s head finally snaps up at that, and he ignores the zombies on his screen to concentrate on me.

I shake my head with a smile, knowing what’s coming next.

I take a glass of water and gulp down a couple of aspirin as Jack groans behind me.

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