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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 82
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“Me neither,”
He frowns, “But I’m sure it will taste good.

Should we add more sugar just in case?”

“Alec. You added enough sugar to make all your teeth fall out with one bite.”
I deadpan, coughing a little bit at the
end of the sentence. In reaction, Alec swiftly takes the bowl from me, frowning and covering the mixture to protect it. I told him that I shouldn’t be cooking because
of my cold, honestly I did, but he was adamant on making lunch for me. We couldn’t find any soup sachets, so we thought that brownies would be easy to make and
would taste better for both of us.

By the looks of this mixture, I think we were better off just eating some sandwiches.

I’d just like to clarify: it’s not my fault if our
brownies come out as bricks; Alec did all of the cooking.

“Don’t cough near the brownie mix, Riley!”
He whines in a playful voice, shielding the bowl from me as though it’s a
baby or something. “No-one likes cootie brownies.”

“Cootie brownies?”
I cough out a laugh, “Whatever, Ryder. Let’s just stick the mix in the oven and maybe it
will turn out better than it looks now.”
I wrinkle my nose dubiously at the mixture as he pours it into the tin.

I don’t think Alec believes me. Heck, I don’t even believe me.

That mixture looks like something a very old cat would puke up.

Ew, I don’t want to think about that right now.
“Done,” Alec slams the oven shut with a flourish.

“Twenty minutes should do, right? I guess we should probably start cleaning up.” I turn to survey the kitchen,
my eyebrows raised. It’s not that bad. There’s a little bit of flour on the floor, and Alec accidentally dropped an
egg but apart from that the damage is fairly minimal.

Mainly it’s just packets to put back away.
I glance over at the flour, suddenly having an idea. Yeah, it’s fairly obvious what I’m planning to do.

I murmur, leaning over to grab a handful of flour behind my back.

Alec leans down to put the baking
powder back (Which we used five teaspoons of- do you think that’s alright?) and as he raises his head again I catapult the hand forward straight into his face, releasing
the flour.

Unfortunately for me, I tend to be a little bit too
enthusiastic in things like this…you can probably guess

Alec yells, “Why did you punch me?” He inhales
sharply at the pain, breathing in the flour that I’ve thrown all over his mouth before he digresses into an insane coughing fit, clouds of white billowing everywhere.

I watch the situation, my jaw comfortably resting on the floor. Oh crap. Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap. You’ve done it now Riley.

I take a risky step back. Alec’s gaze snaps up
to mine as he coughs away the last cloud of flour, and his eyes narrow dangerously.

Oh s--t. I just punched him in the jaw and almost suffocated him.

If looks could kill, I would be buried six feet under right now.

On the bright side, he looks like a snowman. You’d have thought it would be hard to take him seriously at this point, but the look Alec is giving me is deadly.

I am so screwed, I’m practically a screwdriver.

“Oh that’s it,” Alec’s voice is hard and stone now, his eyes never leaving mine.

I watch in horror as he plucks
an egg from the carton. We all know what’s coming next.

My head is screaming at me to run, but my feet
don’t obey, and in less than a second Alec’s hand comes down on top of my head with a loud splat.

The egg gloop runs down my face and I close my eyes in disgust as I feel it running down my hair, cold and slimy.

So much for having a shower this morning.

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