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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 85
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I grit my teeth and ignore the voice, collecting my books from my locker.

“Riley, c’mon. Answer me.”

Why can’t some people just get the message? Maybe if I
slam the locker and run now, he won’t chase after me.

Or is that just wishful thinking? I tell you what I wish; I wish he’d freaking leave me alone.

I let out a short sigh,
grabbing my maths book and slamming the locker door closed.

I don’t want to face him, but maybe if I yell at him some more he’ll get the message and leave me be. It’s a fat chance, but I’ll try anything. “What do you want

“Nothing much,”
He shrugs nonchalantly, but I can see
the delight in his handsome features that I actually turned around and answered him.

I know him that well,
unfortunately for me. “I just wanted to know how you’ve been recently.” I grit my teeth and shove the last of my books in my backpack, turning to walk down the corridor towards my first lesson.

Annoyingly, Toby follows.

“I’ve been just great,”
I mutter, “No thanks to you.”

You’d think he’d have given up by now, but no.

Toby has been insistently friendly since the moment I stepped into school this morning. Toby hesitates before speaking,
and I can almost see a guilty sheen in his eyes.

“Yeah, I deserve that one,” He admits reluctantly, “But I’ll make it
up to you Riley, just you wait and see. Everything will be perfect again.”
Who the hell is he trying to kid?

“Go and preach it to someone who gives a s--t, Toby,” I say through gritted teeth, “Leave me alone.”

Toby’s act drops, and he gives me a stony scowl, “You aren’t going to make this easy for me, are you Riley? All I
want is to be friends.”
You should have thought about that before you got another girl pregnant when we were dating and moved without telling me. sU-Cks to be you,
my a-s.

“No, I’m going to make it impossible. Just give up Toby; it’s not going to happen. Now if you’ll excuse me.”
I shoot him a final icy glare, stepping into my Biology room.

No sooner have I stepped in, however, am I
yanked out again with a sharp and painful tug. I curse under my breath and spin around to start yelling at him,
but the person stood in front of me is the furthest from
‘him’ that you can get. Toby stands by my other side,
but it’s not his hand that’s currently clawing my arm.

Not unless he’s suddenly got silver acrylic nails and a diamond bracelet, that is.

Toby stares shell shocked at the
girl, but her eyes are trained solely on me.

Tiana Cooper. What the hell does she want?
With a small sigh, I stretch on an elasticated smile.

Here we go again. “Tiana,” I greet, my cheeks aching, “What a
pleasant surprise.”
I grab her hand and slowly detach it from my forearm, only making her smirk widen.

Why do I have the feeling she’s not just coming to ask me how I am? My fingers trace over the marks on my skin,
bruises in the curve of perfectly manicured fingernails.

As usual, she looks perfect. Not a hair out of place, unlike me.

“Riley, sweetie, you look gorgeous today,” Tiana purrs,
her icy grey eyes running over my body, scrutinizing every flaw.

Her face is telling me a different story to her
compliment. I look like a hobo in comparison to her designer ensemble, I’m well aware of that fact and I truly don’t give a s--t.

What does she want with me? It’s not
like we make a habit to associate with each other: we hate each other’s guts and that’s no secret, so why does she
want to talk to me now?

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