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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 91
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“The Wheels on the bus go round and round!”
Joe’s voice bounces around the car as he belts out the well-known
children’s rhyme, holding his chest dramatically, “Round
and Round, round and round.”
Riley, sat beside me, chuckles quietly at his eagerness before turning to glance out of the window again at the scenery blurring past us.

She does that a lot.

Today is the day of the beach, and it should be interesting to say the least. I won’t deny that I’m looking forward to it; I haven’t been to the beach in ages and with these guys and Riley- there’s no telling
what could happen.

Plus, Joe is on a huge sugar high right now, which is an added bonus.

“Dude, we’re in a car,” I deadpan, rolling my eyes at my hyper best friend. Seriously, what is he on?

“I know! Jeez, I’m just trying to get us all in the mood,”

Joe pouts. Someone should record this- he’s acting like a five year old. “Besides,” he continues cheerfully, “I’m a
freaking awesome singer.”
Riley snorts quietly beside me, and I crack a small smirk at the sound. I think we all wish
that Joe’s statement was true, because then we wouldn’t have bleeding ears right now.

“Whatever bro, don’t let them kill your buzz,”
Dylan chuckles from the passenger seat, turning around to offer
Riley a small smile which she returns. Something tightens in my chest at the sight, but I turn around and gaze out

of Riley’s window, ignoring it. Hey, she’s rubbing off on me with this window thing.

I notice Riley digging out her
phone and a pair of ear buds from her pocket, and I nudge her slightly with my shoulder. “Hey, can I listen
too? Joe’s opera is making my eardrums explode.”

“I heard that!”

Riley chuckles, her wide blue eyes twinkling with humour as she hands me an ear bud. “Should I put on Britney
She ponders aloud, teasing me, “Taylor Swift? Hilary Duff?”

I give her a blank look in reply. “Frankly I’m worried that you actually have those artists on your phone. If they can
even be called artists that is.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t,”
She chuckles, scrolling through her music app, “Apart from Taylor Swift that is- she’s
good. But I’ll put on AC/DC just for your sake.”
I like a girl with a good music taste. I shake my head, clearing my
thoughts. What the hell did I just think?

My brain needs to shut up, that’s for sure.

“Guys, can you just date already?” Chase groans from the driving seat, “The sexual tension in this car is practically unbearable.

My boy senses are picking up on it.”
Awkward much, Chase? Jeez, he sure knows how to make things uncomfortable.

I’ll get him back for it later.

“Are you saying you have a boner?” Riley raises her eyebrows.


“Just think of your grandma in the shower. Naked.”

Yep, that should definitely cut it.

Joe yelps loudly, “I’m imagining it too!” Dylan bursts into laughter at this.

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