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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 94
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“Hey guys,”
She grins, “Are we going or what?”

Chase nods, wading deeper into the water with his surfboard flat beside him.

Joe grins at her, “You look great Riley!”

She smiles back at him, before he delves
deeper into the water, jogging to keep up with Chase who is about waist-deep now, waiting for the first wave.
Someone’s eager.

“C’mon,” I smirk, grabbing her hand and dragging her further into the water. I ignore the tingles that shoot up
my arm. Alec, you’re turning into a p---y. “We need to hurry up.” She nods obediently, following me further into
the water. Dylan trails beside us.

“So what exactly do I do then?”
Riley asks awkwardly, glancing down at her surfboard bobbing on the water
beside her. She’s nervous: she’s biting her lip.

“You should probably just start off with paddling,”
Dylan suggests, “So just get on the surfboard and float for a while.

You can swim right? There’s no real current or anything here, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Just paddle towards the waves, and when you hit them, lift up the top half of your body.”
He helps her onto the surfboard, shamelessly glancing down at her a-s, before
blushing crimson and looking away.

She clutches onto the surfboard, breathing heavily, completely unaware.

“Okay,” She mutters to herself, “Like this?” She starts to
paddle slowly towards the gentle waves, bobbing up and down.

I shake my head, grabbing her surfboard to stop her.

“You need to go faster, or else you’ll be dunked on. Here, curve your hands like this,”
I grab her hand, curving it
into the right position. She smiles gratefully back at me, before she sets off paddling much faster this time.

“Like that!”
I yell after her, grinning. I slide onto my own surfboard, paddling hard to keep in line with her.

The water isn’t deep and the waves are gentle here, so even if she does fall off, she’ll be fine. Dylan bobs up beside us,
grinning. “Okay, aim for a few waves, lifting your body when you hit them so you don’t get dunked on.” I push her forward and she begins furiously paddling. She hits the first wave, a gentle one, without a hitch- doing exactly as we’ve told her.

The second one however, she
wobbles a little bit, sliding off into the water.

As she reappears, she’s grinning and clutching onto her surfboard. “That was so good! Let me try again.” It takes
her a few attempts to actually get back on the surfboard, meanwhile I’m laughing at every single fail, but soon enough she’s back on the board and staring longingly at
Joe and Chase, who are riding the bigger waves in the distance.

Dylan has paddled off to join them by now.

“I want to try that at least once today,” She mutters to me,

“Can you teach me how to stand up on the surfboard?”

“Okay, but beware you’ll probably fall off,”
I point out, sliding off my own board to steady hers so that she can stand up.

She shakes her head, brushing my remark off,
and I chuckle. “Right, so first lie down in the paddling position.” She does as she’s told, “Now keep your knees
together, that’s important for balance, and slide your legs underneath you so that you’re kneeling.”
She clutches the
surfboard so hard that her knuckles turn white and I can see the determination on her face as she slides her legs up, wobbling precariously. As if by a miracle though, she
doesn’t fall off.

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