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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 96
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“Don’t act like you’re not desperate to, Riley.”

She bats me lightly with one hand, sliding to come and sit behind me.

I breathe deeply and sigh, watching Chase
and Joe head back down the beach towards the waves.

I’d join them if I didn’t feel so conflicted inside.

Normally I would ask Dylan what to do, seeing as he’s kind of the go-to-guy for advice and s--t, but I can’t help but feel slightly irritated by him today and I don’t really know
why. I hiss out my breath as I feel Riley’s cold finger on my back, interrupting me from my thoughts. She laughs
lightly at my reaction.

Slowly, I feel her finger trail up and down my back, drawing out a pattern or something with the ice cold sunscreen. “What are you doing?” I ask her curiously. I
try to turn around to look, but obviously I can’t see my back so that’s pretty pointless.

She doesn’t answer my
question, instead continuing to trail the pattern into my back with a single ice cold finger, making me shiver as
she comes to an end, where she rubs all of the sun cream in.

“I wrote ‘Smile’ on your back,” She says to me, her lips tugging upwards. “You look grumpy.”

“I’m not grumpy,”
I chuckle, “Just conflicted.”

“Well then you can carry on conflicting,”
She pokes her tongue out at me, “I’m going swimming, so you can join
us when you’re ready. Coming Dylan?”
Dylan nods beside me, rising to follow her down the beach, but my

eyes don’t stray from her. Smile. She wrote smile on my back. I watch her strolling down the beach, and my eyes
drift over to the paper bag at my side. I should give this to her.

But why? A voice asks me from inside. Why do you want to give her the bracelet?

I groan, frustrated. What is happening to me? I never feel like this towards girls. Heck, I never even think of buying
them gifts.

They buy me gifts and throw themselves at
me; it’s never the other way around.

So why do I feel this need, this longing to give this bracelet to Riley? She’s
done nothing for me. It’s not her birthday, I’m not her boyfriend and it’s not like I owe it to her or anything.
I don’t know, but I’m going to try and find out.

I grab the paper bag and rip it open, sliding the slightly warm bracelet into my hand. She’ll like it, I know she will.

I just hope she doesn’t ask too many questions, because they’re questions I don’t know the answers to. I stand up
and brush the sand off my chest.

Something twinges nervously in my stomach. Alec Ryder does not get nervous.

The sand scorches my bare feet as I head
towards the water, already regretting my decision, but it’s not long before they falter altogether anyway.

The eagerness to answer my question disappears in an instant and I stand paralysed at the scene playing out just
ten metres in front of me.

There, in the shallow waves
not even reaching knee height, Dylan’s arm wraps around Riley’s waist and he pulls her to him, his lips bearing down on hers.

Dylan is kissing Riley.

A pang hits my gut, and my vision tinges ever so slightly red, but everything is clear as crystal now.

The answer to my questions.

The reason I feel irritated
with Dylan. The need to buy her that bracelet.
Why did I not think of this solution before?

Alec mother effing Ryder.

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