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The birthday murder - Season 1 - Episode 13
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“This is a very good Intel jack, but am still doubtful about its authenticity, tell me again Jackson do you come about it?”
the chief asked me.

We were in his office and he had already gone through the evidence and the little digging oi have done about the two cops background…….being a sharp guy, i have already cooked up a story that i will tell the chief unlike in the case of joy…

“Well, when i questioned Mr mark the first time, i had a feeling that something was wrong, so i approach one of the bar’s attendant and spoke with him, though i will keep his identity hidden for now”, i said keeping a straight face “after i heard about the codes, i contacted him and told him to dig around, he did and he came up with this” i replied him.

“this your explanation has many doubt jack but i will overlook it for now, i jus hope it pay out in a very good way because you now have less than two days to come up with something concrete or you will be tried according to the law”
he said
“i know sir”
“good, now i want you to proceed with this Intel and i would be needing a possible result in the next 120 mins or i will have to call it off”
he instructed

“and one more thing, keep this Intel confidential until we are up to something good”
“yes sir”
i answered
we stood up, me and joy and left his office
so far so good my mind told me, now i need to find something that will make to be able to lay speak to the two cops.

“so how do you intend on proceeding with the Intel now”
joy asked

“well i dont know, i need you to dig around about the background, hobbies, work pattern and others things that can help us, i need you to work on troy while i work on mason”
i said, handing her the file of troy.

I unlocked my pc and set to work, opening a new socket which is password barred, i shared the new socket with joy and begin to work on our different suspect.

10 mins later, nothing has come up it looks like we up against rock, resting my head a bit to relax i call ed to joy

“any good result”

“nothing for now, i might come with something very soon”
she replied.


An idea popped into and set to work, this time around searchin/digging from the angle of john to see if he had dealings with mason…few minutes later i hit a jackpot

i said “joy come over here let me show something”
she replied, getting up ” what is it?”
“take a look at this, i’ve digging around for mason but i couldn’t come up with something good, so i decide to cross-check his name with that of john the deceased and….bang, both of them attended the same police school training”
“yea, and after that he was posted to the crates police department and then transferred to the starlight police department while john was transferred to our city police department”
i told her

“hold a sec jack” she said and her light up “did you just say starlight police department?”

i said getting curious

“well take a look at this”
she said unplugging her system and bringing to my desk

“troy is also an officer at starlight police department, encore he was dismissed from service and starlight was actually in control of our city when our own police department caught fire last three months”
she said
To say i was happy would be an understatement, because what she just told answered the whole puzzle

“wow, we just cracked it but i need you to dig up while troy was dismissed from service”
i told her

“i tried but its classified we would be needing clearance from them”
she replied

“ok, ok, joy i need you to brief our chief on our latest discoveries while i call them to get a clearance, we need to view those files it because its might be of importance to us”

and she left the office
picking my office phone, i called the the straight police department

“hello, this is detective Jackson from the Manhattan MCIU, who are am i speaking with?”

“this is inspector Cole, what can we do for you?”

“i need to speak with the ranking officer at your department”

“hold on, while i connect you”

few second i had a beep

“detective this is clement head of the starlight police department”
a deep hoarse voice said

“well, i need to know about two of your officers by the name inspector mason and troy though i gathered that troy is no longer in service”i said

“actually detective, the two of them are no longer in service both of them have been dismissed”he answered

i was now confused

“well it was discovered that they were involve in malicious act that include, forging evidence against people, concealing evidence, taking bribe, during citizens of their cash all in the name of service, so we to let go of them and then classified their files”

“hmm, well officer we would be needing direct passage to those file because of a case we are investigating and we will be needing full co-operation from you people”

“ok sir”

” i need you to send the files to this socket, BMn751″

“yes sir”

i ended th call, i couldn’t believe my ears at what i just heard

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