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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 14
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“it’s really quite a pleasure meeting you. Seriously”
Lilian said with a quick smile, drawing closer to me. I returned her smile and offered my hand to her, which she shook softly.

“it’s an honour my dear and i hope we can be great friends. How about we have dinner at my place tomorrow”
she offered politely, surprising me a great deal with her superb acting skill.

She was perfect with it. Her smiles and gestures very innocent and harmless, but i wasn’t a little girl who could be fooled by such a show.

“of course i’ll be more than glad to know your house”
i answered and threw at glance at Kelvin whose jaw slightly tightened with worry. .

I kept smiling and laughing to all she said even though i was dead with worry and jealousy. If not for my money, i knew i was no match for the bright eyed girl. It got me very worried and insecured. She left after spending close to thirty minutes with us.

I tried very hard to conceal my feelings, but Kelvin soon noticed that i wasn’t looking alright. As we were about sleeping later in the night, he asked if anything was bothering me.

“nothing my dear” i lied, but he wasn’t convinced. He slowly brought down his lips on me and kissed my right ear softly.

“i know you don’t like Lilian. I apologise for bringing her over. I really thought i was doing the right”
he said softly, his hand slowly going for my right b---m. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply.

“yea there is something in her i don’t trust. Well let’s just watch out”
i said quietly, which kind of shocked him that he slowly withdrew his hand, saying nothing else to me…..

The next evening, i honoured Lilian’s invitation and landed at her house with Kelvin who had no choice than to accompany me. It really was a great moment and an opportunity for me to study the young girl who was bent on playing games with me. I took my time taking mental notes of everything.

I slowly studied everything about her with the little time the dinner accorded me. I equally felt the young girl was up to something, but couldn’t place my hand on anything.

Unfortunately, i fell ill the following day.

A simple running stomach slowly degenerated into a fever, keeping me indoors and bedridden for the rest of the week.

I couldn’t understand what was happening to me.

I slowly slipped into a shadow of myself…..

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