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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 18
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Kelvin’s narration continues.

Lilian’s house

I walked into Lilian’s spacious living room, holding two files with my right hand.

I was very tired and hungry, but kept a smiling face as if all was well. Gently i quietly lowered myself on a couch, breathing deeply.

“are you alright?”
Lilian asked with care, drawing close to me.

“yea i’m, though hungry”
i answered playfully.

“well breakfast is ready. You are very lucky i’m eating late today. You would have missed it, let’s go to the dinning table” she invited sweetly. I stared at her, shook my head and smiled.

“don’t tell me you are ready to share your breakfast with me?”
i asked jokingly,

“abeg stand up jare. It’s just bread that i’m having, which you know i can’t finish alone. So get your lazy as.s up”
she smiled and headed to the dinning room. I quickly followed her, many thoughts running through my head.

She obviously was the kind of woman i needed to make my wife. She really understood me a lot and we behaved like agemates which made being with her very exciting. Moreover I felt more like a man with her.

As if she knew what i was thinking. She asked me a very surprising question as she prepared tea.

“hope Stella cooks?”
she suddenly asked,

“hmmm yea, she cooks whenever it pleases her but that won’t be a problem because i know she will be getting our home filled with house-helps”
i answered with a smile.

“hmmm that’s cool”
she murmured and said nothing else…


scene 2
@the other side of the town…


Stella’s story continues…

Lydia led me to a well furnished room she prepared for my arrival. I was so astonished at the beautiful well designed room that i gasped with bright eyes.

“i hope you like it?. You are a big girl with high taste”
she smiled to me. I nodded happily.

“of course i love it. It just looks like a presidential suite. Oh my God”
i thanked her, my eyes going round the room.

Everything was just in there. Super blankets, nice curtains, state of the art electronics, a working bathtub. Infact nothing was lacking.

“I just love the colour and settings of everything. You will have to design the house you are getting for me like this. I will like to surprise Kelvin with the house”
I said happily, while she rolled her eyes and smiled.

I calmly sat on the gigantic bed and dialled Kelvin’s number which he answered on my fourth call.

“hey dear what took you so long to answer my call. Where went you?”
i asked curiously,

“i’m so sorry dear, i never knew my phone was on silent mood. I’m really very busy with a proposal i’m submitting with my colleague on monday” he explained.

“your colleague!, Is Lilian there with you?”
i suddenly asked without knowing what pushed me. He kept quiet for some seconds.

“yes she is”
he answered slowly, leaving me feeling extremely bad with his answer. I instantly hung up and exchanged glances with Lydia who i knew overheard everything.

“that loser is with him”
i murmured, almost breaking down in tears.

I had nothing against the little girl at the moment but i hated everything about her….

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