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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Lydia’s house

Stella’s story continues….

“once i get better and strong, i’m going to have a very long talk with that silly girl”
i hissed angrily, shaking with rage.

“you mean Lilian?” Lydia asked curiously, softly taking my phone.

“yea and kelvin is also not left out. They think i’m stupid. Well they are in for a good surprise”
i answered angrily.

“you got to be careful and diplomatic my dear or you might end up pissing off your Kelvin. As it stands you have no strong evidence to back your suspicion, so i advice you stay cool and study the situation. That Lilian of a girl looks very smart and sharp. I also know guys hate being spied on. It’s better you work things out with Kelvin since he is your everything”
she advised, calming me with her words. I looked at her, smiled and nodded.

“okay maybe i should just lie down and sleep over it”
i said with a weak smile._


Lilian’s apartment.

Kelvin’s story continues.

“i think stella is mad at me because i told her we are together”
i calmly said to Lilian as i dropped my phone {after answering Stella’s phone call}.

“well it’s understandable”
she smiled without looking at me. All her attention were on the report she was preparing. I breathed deeply and joined her.

It took us close to three hours to finish the work. By the time the work was completed we were hungry over again.

She had to prepare a delicious beans which we ate with great appetite.

“so what do you think about my relationship with Stella?”
i suddenly asked. She looked up at me for a second before shaking her head.

“should you be asking me such a question?”
she asked, trying to dodge my question.

“of course because you are my friend” i answered with a smile.

“as long as you guys are happy together what do you expect me to say?. Yea your relationship with her is cool”
She answered intelligently.

“supposing i’m your brother will you approve of it?” i asked curiously. She froze for a while before standing up.

“what are you trying to achieve huh?”
she asked with a slightly raised tone.

“just tell me please” i begged.

“of course you know i won’t approve of it.

Your relationship with her is just one sided.

You do all the submitting which shouldn’t be. Please don’t ask me anymore questions”
she begged.

I looked down with shame in my eyes.

I couldn’t believe my relationship with Stella could be so easily read.

“If Lilian could read out the facts so easily, how about my parents. What will they say when i finally take Stella to them?” i wondered miserably. But there was nothing i could do about it. I felt it was my fate to Marry Stella whether i liked it or not.

After all i owed her my life….

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