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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 26
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Stella’s story*continues*

Very early the next day i had a little discussion with Lydia, Chika and her twin before heading out to meet Gen. Johnson.

The girls weren’t in support of me dealing with Kelvin by putting him behind bars, they wanted something more confrontational like physically abusing or deforming him. We had a little argument on it but at the end i won them over by pleading they allow me plan my revenge the way that suits me.

As i headed to Gen. Johnson’s office, i received a very surprising call from my dad.

“I hope you are in the state?”
he asked,
“no dad. I’m currently in Abuja settling some things”
i answered.

“I forwarded your name to the state government house. The state governor is selecting new special advisers/assistants. You have to round up whatever you are doing there and head back to the state. You may be asked to report any day” he disclosed with his usual strong voice.

“oh Dad!”
i exclaimed with surprise.

“don’t tell me i did wrong by submitting your name?. You are my only child capable of stepping in my shoes. This appointment will help your career”
he wrapped up.

“i know dad, it’s just that i’m astonished. I’m just a lady. I’m still unmarried. How far can i go with politics?”
i cried with joy mixed with worry.

“shut up”
he barked and hung up.

“oh dad”
i murmured to myself, while the great news settled in me. I was steps away from being addressed with the title “HONOURABLE”


Gen. Johnson was pleased to see me just like always. After exchanging pleasantries, i told him my reason for coming.

“I want Kelvin disgraced out of his job. I’m willing to do whatever necessary”
i appealed, but unfortunately the Gen. denied my request for the first time.

“I’m sorry dear, but things don’t happen like that.

Remember you gave me full assurance on the boy before i picked him. Kelvin is now too committed with some top shots in this country, that exposing him in anything can backfire on everyone, including me. Unless you want him terminated. That’s the only way out. I’m sorry dear”
the good old military officer said to me, dashing my hopes and leaving me with only one plan….

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