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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 29
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“Please don’t do it. I beg of you”
Chika begged again and again, saving Kelvin with her pleas. I breathed deeply and hesitated, my finger still on the trigger.

“c’mon look at him. He is already dead with fright. Give me the gun” she ordered, while Kelvin shook and sobbed like a child.

“please don’t take my life. I got a family at home. My parents and siblings all depend on me. Please have mercy and spare my life”
he begged passionately. I drew back and bit my lips.

“you want me to let you go huh?. You think i don’t know the next place you will be heading to is the police station. I’m not dumb”
i said searchingly.

“noooooo i swear on my parents life. If you let me go, i won’t say a thing. I swear” he pleaded. Chika drew close slapped and kicked him roughly.

“now it’s enough. Let’s go. He has suffered enough”
she said with a heavy breathe, reached forward and dragged me out of the scene, leaving Gutso to find a way in setting him free.

We returned to my house at exactly 10am, very tired and hungry. Chika wasted no time in picking on me.

“seriously you would have shot that guy. You are so mean girl”
she attacked me,
“don’t you know love and hate are siblings. They work side by side”
i laughed while my ringing phone instantly interrupted us. It was Gutso calling.

“madam i still have mr Kelvin here ooo. Now listen and listen good. You have three days to fetch ten million Naira for me or i’ll call his friends, colleagues and family, collect the money from them and then reveal the person behind the whole thing”
he threatened and hung up coldly, leaving me extremely frightened and devastated.

i screamed nervously,,
“what’s wrong?”
Chika asked curiously, rushing to my side.

I needed no telling that i was in a one big pot of soup. I just was confused on how to play with a backstabber like Gutso.

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