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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Having kelvin under my payroll wasn’t only a good personal decision but a wonderful business decision as well. He proved to be a hardworking cheerful guy who turned things around for me.

Perhaps my affection towards him made me hold anything he did in high esteem, that notwithstanding he did a perfect job in the hotel, very loyal, smart and sharp in everything.
I slowly created a very close working relationship with him, which quickly grew into a harmless friendship. He told me all about himself, his old parents and siblings who were expecting much from him while i told him some of my little secrets.

Against Amara’s advice, i showed him where i lived, urged him to be very free with me, and equally began behaving a bit funny and carefree whenever we were together which he took time understanding.

Slowly and steadily after our friendship developed into something much more intense yet still harmless. We began spending some evenings together and i had no problem introducing him to my social circle amidst heavy criticism from friends, yet i was unperturbed because i felt i could mould him into an eye catching celebrity.

I began putting his interest as my top priority, completely losing my mind in the process. I was so much in love with him.

Every day i yearned to have him, i dreamt of having him inside me but it wasn’t in my place to make the final move. It was his to make, but unfortunately he seemed scared to make the important move. It was as if he was unsure of my feelings. It all showed in his eyes. I eagerly waited, dying in silence.

Finally on the first monday of May 2009, he brought a beautiful flower to me.
“happy new month” he smiled with affection. I closed my eyes with deep happiness.

“finally, at last” i breathed with great relieve. I knew he was finally mine. My perfect object, my creation. I had great plans for him.

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