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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 7
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As i prepared to leave early the next morning, he carried me on his laps, kissing my neck profusely.

“I hope last night meant a lot to you?, because it did to me. I’m so scared of many things”
he whispered and bit my right ear. My body quickly lit up again. I felt intense heat underneath.

“seriously you don’t have a girlfriend?”
i asked curiously, my feminine feelings taking control of me. He breathed deeply and dropped his eyes.

“no girl likes a boy who has nothing to offer. I have no girlfriend, moreover it hasn’t been long i started working for you and It will be foolish of me to go after girls when i have loads of things to do. For example, i rented this little apartment with all my savings, immediately you employed me”
he explained calmly, kissing my neck again.

“but working with you got me to see life in a different perceptive. It made me realise that sometimes, the things we climb up the mountain to search could be within our very reach without us realising it. Working with you got me to see what a real woman is all about. A real woman is divine, strong, ambitious, passionate, friendly, helpful and overly beautiful. It took me two days of working in your hotel to fall in love with you. I had to hide it of course, but it wasn’t easy till last night when the feelings overwhelmed me”
he spoke nicely, caressing me as he showered me with beautiful words. I never knew a Nigerian could be so romantic with words.

“so what do you want with me?”
i managed to ask. He breathed deeply and licked his lips,

“my intention is to lock you up and spend every moment of my life worshipping you”
he replied and made for my lips with great passion. I was so carried away by the euphoria of his romance. My lonely heart couldn’t sense the deception in him. To me he was my ideal man, my creation, my everything.

“you can move in with me if you want. My place is very big and empty which you know. We can stay together while i use my connections to find you a better job”
i offered with a pure heart.

“no no i can’t be a burden to you. I’m so ashamed, i have my pride to protect”
he murmured with a coloured face which made him look very innocent. I hugged him calmly, my eyes wet with tears.

It’s really hard for we ladies to fall in love, but when it does happen, we do fall with all we have got. We do fall with our body and soul.

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