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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 8
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I told Amara all about the new plans i had for kelvin but unfortunately she wasn’t too pleased with it.

“i’m not against you helping someone in need, but doing it for love or to get something in return is what i won’t approve. I need not go further in this silly idea of yours”
she said with a smile, expertly waving the topic aside.

I paid no heed to her and went ahead with my plans, travelled to Abuja days later and met Maj. Gen. Johnson who was a family friend and a very influential Army officer. He had strong connections with the ruling class and was in a good position to help.

I presented Kelvin’s case to him and had a hard time convincing him to help. He finally agreed after striking a deal with me.

Three weeks later, kelvin got a very lucrative position at the federal ministry of finance.

To him It was a dream come true.

The love we made the night we got the news really was very stunning. He took me to paradise a hundred times over.

“you are more than an angel”
he kept whispering in my ear all through the night.

He left for Abuja days later with his hopes, plans and expectations on the high side. I made sure he had everything he needed, virtually paying for all of them.

Our relationship continued as i hoped, We spoke almost every hour and we equally visited each-other as often as possible. Each visit revealed how well he was doing for himself.

In the first week of december 2009, he was used on a money laundering scheme {which really was the deal i struck with the Army General months back with my position as surety. It was because of the laundering scheme that he got the job in the ministry of finance}.

He returned a week later with his share of the loot. A very substantial amount which could make a bank manager gasp with wonder.

He came running back to me, full of gratitude and love, surprising me with stunning gifts which left me totally happy. Everything was going as i wanted. I was so happy, very happy.

He proposed the next day, Sending my happiness to the limit.

“will you marry me?”
he asked as we showered together after a night of passion.

I couldn’t believe my ears,
“huh?” i murmured, cleaning my face with speed.

I opened my eyes to see a well shaped golden ring greeting me with its sparkle.

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