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The painful pleasure - Season 1 - Episode 14
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So many other first timers stood up, we were celebrated, and we were asked to follow a guy who gave us a form to fill.

The form has a part asking whether or not we would like to Join the church, if we would like to Join the work force, and
what unit we would like to Join. Mayowa filled No/Nil allthrough, he never liked church anyways. I filled yes all through, and I answered that I wanted to join the choir. The
girl did the same, so I was forced to talk to her. “You sing
pretty well.”
I said to her. She looked at me, trying to be sure that I was talking to her. “You mean me?” She asked. “Yes, you.” I answered.

Mayowa was already getting angry with the whole situation, because he doesn’t like ‘church-girls’, so he didn’t really like the fact that I was talking to her. Since he filled ‘No’, that he didn’t want to join the church, he didn’t have to wait for any extra meeting.

He told me he was going already, then I said
bye to him. So the girl answered me. “that I chose to join the choir, doesn’t mean I can sing. Wait! Were you peeping into
my form?
I denied briskly. ” No, it was when you were singing beside me that I heard your voice, and discovered
that you sing so well.”
She looked at me suprisingly and said

“during that awesome worship, you were noticing someone’s voice?”
I answered immediately. “No, it’s not like that, I’m just so sensitive to sound”. . .

We continued the conversation. . .

So what part do you take exactly?

The girl:
I take all parts, but I mainly take alto

Wow that’s just like me, but the difference is that I’m
more comfortable taking tenor.
The girl: That’s really great. I’m Aramide, what’s your name?

Please pardon my manners, I’m Dapo. It’s really nice
meeting you.

Aramide: The pleasure is all mine. You are in what department?

Me: MCB, what about you?

English Language. . .

We were going to continue the conversation, but some guys came to address us, to tell us about becoming a member, a
‘worker’ and other things like that.
Immediately after the meeting, we prayed, and when I opened my eyes, I didn’t see Aramide. Where she went, I
didn’t know. I just took my bible, and started going to my hostel. Right there and then, I knew I had fallen in love.

Aramide is so beautiful, she speaks softly.
She isn’t like Sandra who talks like a parrot. She’s God fearing, and she is
nice too. I knew it was too early to conclude, but that was my conclusion.

I took a bus and headed straight to my hostel, since I was going to start lectures the following day.

Now I have Sandra, my lousy, saucy friend, Moji my FDF,
then Aramide whom I really love.

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