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The President Son And I - Season 1 - Episode 12
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All I just wanted was for
the day to break announcing
tuesday ,I couldn’t just
imagine why some girls
would give themselves to smoking and drinking.
its so absurd.
I finally slept off


The next morning I was ready
for classes,the days lectures
always seem stressful because
its somehow,one lecture from
8 to 10 a.m then another starts
at 1pm,we finally round up at 3pm.

I dressed for lectures after brushing
and taking my bath,then warmed
up the remaining beans and ate
it before leaving the house.

after the 8-10 lecture Ella
came to join me in my seat,
we exchanged greetings,she
apologized for not giving me a
call as promised and also begged
that I can to know her lodge after
classes,I willingly accepted
then she called Richard right
in my presence asking him to
come into the lecture hall,trust
Nigerians,all attention turned to
him immediately he got inside
the hall,most girls in my
department took to the notice
me style he tried his best to
ignore them but welcomed their
hailing,he walked up to where
myself and Ella was seated and sat
on the desk,Ella excused herself
immediately that was when it
dawn on me that Ella knew of the
happenings between myself and
Richard but had pretended all
these while,she has really being
working hand in hand with
Richard, he sat off the desk
and came joining me on the
same seat smiling

you ain’t looking bad

these morning at all


the difference between
you and angels is that they live
in heaven while you leave on

Richard don’t start flattering
me,we are in class and see some
people mopping

am not flattering you,
you are the one taking it that

hmmm,let me just believe you

* he kept quiet,staring
into my eyes for sometime,I was
beginning to feel shy *

please stop it

Richard: I’m staring at you because
I don’t even know where to start
expressing my feelings for you
from,you have really stolen my
heart Precious and I love you
for that,please give me the
opportunity to steal yours

thanks but I really don’t
understand what you are driving

be my girl,and I promise
to stand under the rains for you
to to see you dry

* I was speechless for some
time k tried not to stare into his
eyes * I know you do love me and I
feel same way for you but…

really you do? but what?

I haven’t seen you smoke yet
but you told me last night that
you smoke, I have seen you get
drunk once and you told me you
drink,yes I can tolerant it if you
drink and don’t get drunk but I
can’t tolerant it when you smoke
even just a stick,all am saying in
essence is that I can’t date a man
with such habit am sorry

* he was calm for a while * what if I stop smoking and reduce
my drinking habit?

why not stop?

am a man,I need it once
in a while

Me: okay,but please give me time
to think of it.

he thought for a while,we were
talking matured that even the
people seating behind and in front
of us could hardly figure out what
was going on.

that means you are telling
me to go home and die of thinking
please give me an answer now
even if its a no I would understand.

what if am into a relationship

I know you are not,Ella
told me * see casting,no wonder
Ella was asking me the previous
day *

Me: am scared Richard,please don’t
hurt me

Richard: I won’t

Me: please don’t break my heart

I swear to be the last man
you would ever date in these life, be mine please

* shyly * yes I would be.
He hugged me tightly and
everyone’s attention was drawn
to us

thank you so much,
thank you so much.

He stood up and shouted out
Richard: attention please * everywhere was calm,I wondered
what he was up to * thanks
for your attention,I just want
to tell you all that am inviting you
all these Saturday to the Eden
Garden,come with as much
people as you can,there would
be much to eat and drink,its as
from 8pm till mama callls

Everyone in Class: hhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeyyyy.
some were hitting their desk to
show their happiness,some
jumping,just different kinds of

calm down,calm down
* everywhere was calm again * the reason for these party you would
know by that same Saturday but
bear it in mind that its all about
Precious here

Precious! Precious!! Precious!!!
* they hailed till he asked for
attention again *

these wouldn’t be an any
how party,T-shirts would be printed
and as soon as you come into
the party ground one would be
given you and your name(s) stamped to it immediately

Richard! Richard!! Richard!!! *
they hailed *.

he took me up and started walking
out of the hall with me,Ella
jumping behind and the hails
changed to

Richardpresh! Richardpresh!! Richardpresh!!! * till we were out
of the hall *.

we got into Richards car,these
time I was in front with him
while Ella sat at our back


yea baby sis finally * I was
shy still * all thanks to you

what are we cousins for

I owe you big time and
ama make it up to you,I promise

wow thanks

Richard: you are welcome

so where to?

your lodge

it calls for celebration.

Really my mindset changed,I felt anew and really special,I found myself saying inwardly “at long last” I smiled to myself as Richard zoomed off playing ‘ No One Like You’ by psquare but I was waiting for was to gain privacy with Ella so she can start explaining how Richard located me to school because right now I am convinced she is behind everything.

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